September 27, 2023

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Sugoi Mart Delivers Sweet and Savory Snacks from Japan

Have you ever wanted to try foods from another country? We have, and we’ve done it a few times and have loved the adventure in taste. So when Sugoi Mart reached out to us and asked if we would like them to send us some items to try, we jumped at the chance!

About Sugoi Mart in their own words:

Sugoi Mart was created by Japan Crate as a one-stop shop for all things Japan! A shopping experience including entertainment, culture, discovery, and everything from Japan. How did it all begin? Well, our parents are Japan Crate and we’ve got mad love for them. They had their first child, the Japan Crate Store in 2018. We sold products from Japan along with past crate favorites, but in August 2019, that child grew up and leveled up into Sugoi Mart. Here we are: your virtual gateway to Tokyo.

In just a few weeks we received a big package from Sugoi Mart full of savory and sweet snacks, some we recognized, and others were a complete surprise. Unfortunately, I couldn’t try a lot of the items because I can’t eat gluten, but thanks to Google translate I could identify the ingredients in each item so I could try some of them. Thankfully I have some taste testers without restrictions who were up for the challenge, my boys.

What They Sent Us:

Japanese Chips Variety Pack

The variety pack is guaranteed to Include:
(1) type of random Pringles flavor – Our was an egg sandwich flavor, yep egg sandwich. According to my husband and boys, it really did taste just like an egg sandwich!
(1) type of random Doritos flavor – Our flavor was Avocado and Cheese. Can’t say I ever heard of that flavor before and it was interesting. It didn’t taste like avocado, it tasted more like a blander version of Ranch. I did like it.
(1) type of random Cheetos flavor – We received Flaming Hot Cheetos, and these were just like the ones we get here, so nothing new there.
(1) type of random jagariko flavor – I assume this was the bag of regular-tasting chips, and they were really good, kind of like a crunchier Lay’s.
(1) type of other chips brand (calbee, scones, etc) – Lastly, we received a wasabi-flavored stick snack. I would have tried it, but couldn’t due to it having gluten, and no one else was brave enough to give it a go so we didn’t try this one but it smelled good!

Sugoi Mart Japan Kit Kats Variety Pack – 60 individual pieces consisting of 20 random Japan Kit Kat flavors.

This was probably the favorite because come on, who doesn’t love Kit-Kats? It was fun checking out all of the flavors like chocolate orange, cheesecake, wheat (that one was a huge hit), matcha, Strawberry Gateau Chocolate, and more!

Kimura Drink Sakura Cola – Sakura-flavored cola using Japanese cherry extract.

My boys both loved this drink, well one loved it, and the other said it was just okay. I didn’t like it cause it felt like I was drinking flowers (it smelled like flowers to me) which is not a good thing.

Pokemon Ramen (Onion Consomme Flavor)

This was another huge hit! My oldest loved the taste of the Ramen and all the veggies. There were quite a bit of onion, carrots and what we think was cabbage. It did smell amazing! He kept the cup it was in because of Pokemon!

Pure Gummy Premium Tochigi Strawberry Sparkling

These candies were delicious, not only did they smell awesome, they tasted awesome. Very sweet with a touch of sourness.

Mike Popcorn Premium Caramel

I didn’t think these were anything special, just your normal caramel popcorn but a little softer, which was a little weird.

Kasugai Japanese Jelly Beans

We loved the shape of these jelly beans and the flavors were great! Flavors include melon, grape, peach, banana, strawberry, orange, and lemon. The grape was my favorite!

Muji Japan Sakura Baumkuchen Cake – A Cherry Blossom-flavored Baumkuchen cake.

Again, my oldest like this cake. He said it was quite soft and flavorful and reminded him of a poundcake but not as dense.

Pocky: Almond Crush

You can never go wrong with Pocky, enough said.

Muji Sakura Cream Sandwich Cookie

This was okay, not bad but not something we would purchase in the future. It was another Cherry Blossom (Sakura) flavored confection.

Fanta: White Peach

My youngest loved this one, the flavor, and the cool can.

Our Final Thoughts:

I would definitely purchase from Sugoi Mart because we love trying new and exciting products. It’s just so fun to see what products other countries have. Be sure to check them out, they also have other products like beauty, home, toys, games, and more!