Stress Relieving: Diaphragmatic Breathing, Green Inhaling And Lower Body Stretches

The tried and tested method of taking deep breaths to calm down might not be as notable as it used to be. These days, we live incredibly busy lives. It would be strange to suddenly start taking deep breaths while on public transport. And breathing in itself isn’t good enough, there just isn’t a major effect on your psyche and health when you try to inhale large breaths. It’s not that breathing as a strategy doesn’t work, but it has to be done in different ways. Purely sitting down and closing your eyes, while inhaling and expanding your lungs is the very basic method. There are other ways you can control your heartbeat, slow down your racing mind and calm your nerves. 


Walking stomach breathing

When you perform a large breath, you can not only expand your lungs. You have to try and inhale into your stomach. What this motion does is, it lowers the diaphragm and instead of breathing outward you will breathe down and out. But sitting down or even standing won’t give you the best feeling. Walking while stomach breathing is by far the most effective technique. Why? When you’re walking you’re lowering your hips and thus making it easier for your abdominals to relax and thus for your diaphragm to release downward. You’re also pumping fresh oxygen into your moving limbs. Thus, the deep breaths you take, the more of a calming impact they will have on your body. Walking is also helpful for thinking, so take yourself out of a complex situation and cool off.


A green inhale

Breathing techniques are used for all sorts of issues. However, anxiety is one of the top reasons why people seek to just have a minute alone and control their breathing. However, the times have changed and you can instead inhale to calm your nerves. Now you can buy weed online since it’s legal in Canada. Canada has legalized this substance and almost anyone is allowed to purchase it. Anyone aged 19 and over can sign up to the website and order their own products. You get high-quality products for a competitive price. It’s far safer than going out on the streets to find what you need. There’s also a lot of safety information online which you can use to find the right kind of strength you require. 



Balance and control

As aforementioned, breathing on its own is sometimes not enough. You need to be moving your body to get the full benefit of deep inhalation. So maybe you need to start learning some morning stretch techniques that are slow and methodical. Giving your muscles a brand new wave of fresh oxygen can relieve so much stress and flush out horrible toxins from your body. Some stretches are more beneficial to deep breathing than others, mainly in the lower body. Your hips, hamstrings and calves bear the best feeling when stretched because they’re often the tightest. 

Sitting down and performing slow deep breaths is fine but it’s not the best way to relax. Stomach breathing while going on a gentle walk is a far better and more effective option.


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