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by Dianna Ranere

Scener and Fangoria Present the Hocus Pocus Live Watch Party

Scener and Fangoria Present the Hocus Pocus Live Watch Party 

The newest addition to Scener’s Stream & Scream lineup, join Hocus Pocus writer and fans to connect and co-watch live;  also available to screen at the Chattanooga Film Festival


Don’t miss the chance to watch Disney’s Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus, alongside movie writer Mick Garris. Presented by Fangoria and Scener, the virtual theater community, join Mick live over video chat to learn the inspiration and creative mindset behind the film with special shoutouts to fans.



An exclusive film event that spans and connects generations, Scener and Fangoria are bringing together fans, family and friends for one of the most interactive and engaging ways to experience Hocus Pocus.

Live chat with family and friends, or discover your film tribe, while enjoying a seamless streaming experience with synchronized playback. Using Scener’s virtual theater chat features, guests can debate over the best Sanderson sister, recite the film’s famous spells or get that much-needed dose of nostalgia reminiscing over some awful (or awfully good!) nineties style… hello Nike cross-trainers and tie-die.

Hocus Pocus is the latest addition to Scream & Stream, Scener’s star-studded Halloween watch party lineup, where anyone can co-watch and connect with live with cast members, directors, writers, genre-obsessed fans and more. Programming highlights include:

  • RiffTrax hosts GHOSTHOUSE with hilarious video commentary over the film’s young girl and killer clown doll

  • Alamo Drafthouse takes their witty commentary event, Master Pancake, virtual with SUSPIRIA

  • Reality TV dragqueen star, Louisiana Purchase, hosts live watch party and drag show for Satanis, a wild exposé on proto-goths, midnight maniacs, and daytime Draculas, presented by Fantastic Fest

  • Comic-Con hosts double-feature watch party for Poltergeist and Winchester

  • Live horror film In the Shadow it Waits hosted by writer and director Michael Beets with live Q&A



While movie lovers up their streaming game this Halloween season, Scener provides a virtual theater destination for watching and connecting over fright-filled flicks. Reminisce over the classics or hang out and scream together.. because who wants to watch scary movies alone?


Saturday, October 29 at 4:00 p.m. PDT


To join the Hocus Pocus Watch Party head to the Fangoria Virtual Theater at scener.com/fangoria. The screening is also available to Chattanooga Film Festival guests on October 29. For more on Scener’s Stream & Scream lineup head to scener.com/streamandscream.


Create a profile at Scener.com, follow the Hocus Pocus Watch Party and get notified in your Scener social feed for when to tune-in. A Disney+ subscription is required to join.