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by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: San Diablo Take & Bake Churros Kit



San Diablo Artisan Churros specializes in creating artisan-filled churros for special events and celebrations. The proprietary, award-winning churro dough recipe is made from scratch and fried on-demand. The fried golden brown, hollow-centered churros are filled with “happiness”—gourmet fillings of choice. In a relentless search for churro perfection, the menu has expanded to include seasonal flavors, savory churro offerings, and nationwide at-home delivery. San Diablo members enjoy outstanding quality artisanal food that is undeniably fresh, delicious, and delivered with a unique style of fun. Like their Artisan Churros, San Diablo is filled with social good: supporting local, national, and international non-profit causes.

San Diablo’s Artisan Churros one-of-a-kind Take & Bake kit gives customers flexibility to fill churros in their home kitchen with filling of their choice, including dulce de leche, nutella, sweet cream, homemade lemon curd, and raspberry. The award-winning churro dough is made from scratch, fried to golden-perfection, and coated with sugar and freshly-ground cinnamon. Whether celebrating a special occasion, holiday, or indulging just because, San Diablo’s quick and easy Take & Bake Churro Kit is a perfect way to create a lasting memory or sweet escape.


  • One devil’s dozen [13] pre-made, chilled mini churros ready to reheat, fill and devour!
  • We make our own award-winning churro dough from scratch and then handcraft every churro, fry them to golden-perfection and then coat them with sugar and freshly-ground cinnamon.
  • One reusable filling bottle of your choice of either dulce de leche, nutella or sweet cream (sweetened condensed milk).

Price: $23.99

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