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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review: Phigolf At-Home Golf Simulator

If you look forward to being outside amongst the beauty of nature and don’t mind it being ruined by a little white ball, you may be a golfer. But what do you do when you can’t get out to the course? You grab your phone, fire up Phigolf At-Home Golf Simulator, and hit the links from the comfort of, well, anywhere.

Phigolf At-Home Golf Simulator is a golfing game for your phone goes a step beyond the regular golfing app. That step is your swing. Phigolf At-Home Golf Simulator comes with a Bluetooth golf club you use to play the game. It’s a half club so it’s relatively safe to use indoors, it comes with a strap to place on your wrist. The game reacts to the tempo, club head speed, and arc of your swing to project the path of the ball in the game.

With Phigolf At-Home Golf Simulator you can play a full round of golf on many different courses, hit the range or just play practice holes. You can play solo or online with other golfers. Phigolf At-Home Golf Simulator allows you to set the game to your level of play, how fast the greens and fairways are, and your personal skill level. You can choose 3,6 or 18 holes to play, what tees to play from, and more.

The ‘club’ that comes with the game is about half the length of a normal club, it is weighted at the end to compensate for the shorter length. It does take some getting used to swinging but, once you do, it begins to feel more natural.

You can connect your phone to a large-screen Smart TV to have an amazing view of your game. There are multiple ways to connect depending on your phone’s capabilities and what type of TV you have. There are some caveats with this part of the process, I could not connect my phone to my TV because of a design issue with my brand of phone.

Changing clubs is somewhat automatic but you may need to change manually now and then, and this part is a bit annoying. You must use your phone to change the club. A way to control that on the grip of the club would have been a nice addition. Outside of those two things, I had no issues playing Phigolf at all.

I am enjoying playing Phigolf At-Home Golf Simulator. It feels better than just playing a controller or keyboard-based golfing game. Once I got used to swinging the club, it felt like I was out there on the course, the only thing missing was repairing my divots.