OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL Movie Review #DisneyOzEvent


I was lucky enough to see the premiere of Oz The Great and Powerful back on February 13th at the El Capitan Theatre in California.

The film was,  in a word, and one used by several of the stars and the director of the film,



Keep in mind, this film is sort of the prequel to the original Wizard of Oz movie that we all know and love. This story delves into how the Wizard came to be, and more of who he was as a person. Following the Baum books more closely, you get to meet brand new characters, and of course, the witches, all of which are amazing!


The beginning of the film starts off stylistically like the original, in black and white. You meet characters that you just know you will meet again once he gets to Oz, and you anticipate just how he will get there, and who these early characters will become in the land of Oz.

I don’t want to give all the scenes away, but you will see how this film keeps you connected to the original film, in more ways than one. I really enjoyed that about it too, because there is this familiarity within this film and you have those memories  tethering you to the old characters but are excited to watch these new characters and their adventures.

Visually, this movie is stunning! Full of vibrant colors, beautiful sets and amazing CGI characters. The 3D in the film is also done in a way that isn’t to overtly in your face, I mean, things are supposed to come at you, but they don’t just do it willy nilly, it’s done really well and all at the perfect times within the film.

There have been some talk about how scary this film is for children and all I can say is that it is different for every parent and child. I would take my kids to it even if they were younger, since I didn’t find it that scary. There are some loud parts and some of the 3D scenes may scare a child that is easily scared, but again, you know your child and what they can handle.


My favorite characters, besides the Wicked Witch, was Finley The Flying Monkey and China Girl, and you’ll see why, they were the perfect travelling companions to Oz — you must have some great friends to help you along your journey. I also think that kids will love Finley and China Girl, so be prepared to be asked for the toys they have at the Disney Store 🙂

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie, the story-line was interesting and the characters were portrayed fantastically –  those who were “good” were very good, and those that were “evil” were very evil. The perfect balance between good and evil, and exactly what you would expect. Visually, it was magical, and a vision you will remember for years to come.


OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL lands in theaters  today, March 8th!!

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