September 22, 2023

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Online Casino Payments: What can a player face when withdrawing their winnings?

People have long been obsessed with gambling. Nowadays, the popularity of online casino games keeps growing, because it is a fun way to spend time with pleasure and gain some money. However, nothing is perfect and players may face some troubles when it comes to the payment process. It is important to point out that technical errors happen regularly and everywhere because something can always go wrong in the system and cause some trouble. That is why it is worth reading the review of the top online casinos with mga license list, because they offer the fastest payouts with a guarantee. So, let’s see what unpleasant situations can gamblers encounter.

Common problems related to funds withdrawal

The moment when you cash out your deserved winnings is not comparable to something else. This thrill pushes and motivates us to be more active players, make larger deposits, and get more money during the playing process. But you should always be ready that the withdrawal process does not always go smoothly as expected, because even the most meticulously developed platform can produce errors. 

  • Withdrawal delays. When the time to turn virtual money into real money comes, withdrawal delays are regular occurrences in the gambling world. Transferring the money to your personal bank account may sometimes be time-consuming. It may be connected to various reasons. The most common ones are VPN connection, underaged players, multiple accounts connected to the same person, identity verification problems, transactions made using a different bank account, mistakes in payment details, abusing accounts, etc. All in all, money transactions may take a few working days, so you should have patience.
  • Additional fees and charges. Some casinos may charge money for processing withdrawal operations. It may cause controversial feedback, but in any case, you should be ready to meet this requirement if needed.
  • Troubles connected to certain payment methods. It often happens that you may face some problems when choosing another payment method. For example, switching from credit cards to cryptocurrency or electronic wallets.
  • Withdrawals refusal. Casinos may decline your request for withdrawing the money for various reasons. It can be false information, duplicate account, incorrect credit card information, or wagering requirements.

The best ways to avoid withdrawal problems

Although nothing can guarantee that you won’t face problems related to withdrawing money, you can follow some rules and heed some pieces of advice to avoid them.

  1. Get familiar with terms and conditions. It is a necessary step before starting to play online casino games. This way you will get to know the details about a certain casino and will know what to expect.
  2. Choose only legit and trustworthy casinos. This rule is applicable everywhere because you should put your safety and security first. Online gambling fraud is the reason why players lose their money, so in order to avoid getting into trouble it is necessary to check casino licenses and security protocols.
  3. Check the quality of customer support service. Customer care is the thing that defines a good casino. So, before starting playing, you can connect with customer support workers, see the waiting for response time and make conclusions.
  4. Don’t buy into bonuses and promotions. Some casinos use this method to attract more players but in reality, the pay-out may go with some troubles.
  5. Check out casino game providers. A lot of things about a certain casino depend not only on the casino operator but also on the casino provider. You should check whether it is reliable and reputable to avoid trouble.


So, the playing process is not always full of positive emotions, because sometimes you may need to deal with technical problems with online casino payments. For this reason, every player should keep in mind that the process of withdrawing money depends on a lot of aspects. Gamblers should be ready to deal with such problems and stand for their customer’s rights.