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by Dianna Ranere

Nutrisystem Week 6 Update ~ #NSNation

Nutrisystem week 6 has opened my eyes! Having another rough week, I started writing down everything I was eating and making sure to also post it online on the Nutrisystem site.  Even though I thought I was following the plan to a tee, I wasn’t.

You see, I was under the assumption and the plain mistake of reading the handbook wrong, that I didn’t need to add a carb since I didn’t need to lose over 100 pounds. What I found out was, I do and can add a carb to my lunch or dinner entree with certain meals. For instance, I had the grilled burger and instead of add a low carb whole wheat roll, I just added it by itself. This caused me to not get enough calories, therefor I didn’t lose any weight.  Another issue was the yogurt I was eating, it didn’t have enough calories or protein.

After posting on the Nutrisystem discussion boards, I was helped by some very sweet members about what I should be adding to the meals to get the calories. See, even though I thought I was on plan, I wasn’t. So, if you are stuck like I was, so reread all of you plan materials again, enter in your meals on the site to track calories and please reach out on the boards! It has helped me so much!

Yesterday I went to the store armed with my handbook and tips from the board members and bought a bunch of things to help me get back on track. Even though I didn’t lose anything this week, I feel better and more confident that I am finally on the right track.

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