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by Dianna Ranere

Get Nostalgic with The NEW Supermarket Sweep!



Once upon a time in the early ’90s, there was a little game show called Supermarket Sweep. The format was a team-based question and answer game where the contestants would rack up points for a chance to run through the supermarket to win the grand prize. This was the best part of the show, watching these normal everyday contestants run through the aisles looking for the highest-priced items and fun bonuses around the store. The team with the highest dollar amount at the end wins!

The show in the ’90s wasn’t the first time Supermarket Sweep hit the airwaves, the original aired on ABC from December 20, 1965, to July 14, 1967. The one I remember and loved so dearly was broadcast on Lifetime from February 5, 1990, to June 16, 1995. This was when my Mother and I watched religiously and to this day makes me think of her when I hear anything about it. Now imagine how I felt when I heard they were bringing it back to ABC with Leslie Jones as the host! Oh, how I wish my Mom were here to watch it with me once again.


“On the nostaligia of TV game shows… “It’s a familiarity, something that everyone can do together.  At this time, people need a little joy and also they need a little vison of regular folks winning money and laughing and talking still.” Host and Executive Producer Leslie Jones



My Mom would have also been thrilled to learn that I had the opportunity to attend a Zoom interview with Host and Executive Producer Leslie Jones, Executive Producer Alycia Rossiter, and Co-Executive Producer Lenny Marcus. We chatted about this new reboot, what stayed the same and what has changed. Here are some of the “fun facts” they touched upon.

SUPERMARKET SWEEP – ABC is bringing back classic TV game show “Supermarket Sweep,” premiering SUNDAY, OCT. 18 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT). (ABC/Eric McCandless)


  • You can win a $100,000 grand prize (The original was $5,000). You play the big sweep for $25,000, if you get that, you can opt to go on with more time to win $50,000, if you win that, you get more time and the chance at the top prize of $100,00!
  • The contestants can personalize their sweatshirts to suit their team members’ personalities.
  • They give the food from the Supermarket set to food banks
  • The Bonuses are back but fun and updated!
  • There are Supermarket Sweep easter eggs on social media – you need to look for them.  🙂
SUPERMARKET SWEEP – “Give Me The Roses, Richard!” – ABC is bringing back classic TV game show “Supermarket Sweep,” premiering SUNDAY, OCT. 18 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT). (ABC)
“We have an outrageous fun host. Last time the star of the show was the game, and this year the star of the show has moved to the side and brought in a host whose in love with the show and brings so much comedy and heart and relatability, and massive energy, it’s the best.”  – Executive Producer Alycia Rossiter on Host Leslie Jones

Leslie took to hosting the show naturally, she said that being a comedienne helped her a lot. Also, being a hardcore TV watcher, she’s watched enough TV to gauge how to act and react. Of course, she was also on SNL, and playing characters has also prepared her for what could come.

Leslie cared so much about her hosting abilities, that she made sure that she met with each of the contestants before they went on air to make them feel at ease. She says that she loves meeting all types of people and that they are all entertaining in different ways. You could hear the passion in her voice as she talked about this show and seeing how much she really loves it makes me so excited to watch!

Watch Supermarket Sweep this SUNDAY, October 18th,  8:00–9:00 p.m. EDT on ABC.