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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review | Nectar Mattress

I was provided with a Nectar mattress for review. All opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links to help support this site at no cost to you.


Statistically speaking, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. If you live to 75 that means 25 of those years are spent sleeping. Shouldn’t you spend that time on a really, really comfortable mattress?

The answer is yes, yes you should.



I was excited to learn about Nectar Mattress, a memory foam mattress for a better price. Now I have never really been a fan of memory foam, well at least not memory foam pillows. I’ve never tried a memory foam mattress because, in my head, I figured them to be too hard, but I am getting a bit ahead of myself, let’s first discuss how the mattress is delivered.


Our mattress is over 14 years old, so it was time we kicked that one to the curb regardless. We chose the Queen size Nectar Mattress and waited for it to arrive. Now you may be wondering, just how do they ship a huge Queen size mattress?



The Nectar Mattress is delivered to your house bagged up in a large blue rain bag. The mattress itself is rolled up so it is quite tall and quite heavy, about 74 pounds for the Queen.  You will need to place the mattress where you would like it to be set up since this is where it will expand. Remove the blue bag, and then the grey zippered bag that contains the actual mattress. As long as you don’t tear either of the bags when removing you should be able to keep and use them for other things.



 The mattress is compressed in a heavy plastic bag, so you will need to cut into that with the included cutting tool. We missed it when opening so be sure to look out for it.


The mattress will then start to expand and you will see this almost immediately start to happen. It takes a few hours for it to fully expand, so you may want to plan to do it early in the day so the bed is ready when you are. You may also experience an “off-gassing foam aroma” that is typical of high-quality grade foams. The smell for us dissipated within a few hours.



The Nectar mattress also included two big memory foam pillows. My husband and I are both in LOVE with these pillows, something I swore I would never use again but they are amazingly comfortable.



The top as you can see if a soft pillow-top cover that is really plush and can be spot-cleaned should you need to.


Want to know more about the Nectar mattress? Read the Nectar mattress review by the folks at Review.org. There you can learn about the foam used, trial offered, value for the money, and more on the Nectar.


Here’s our unboxing video so you can see what to expect when you receive your Nectar Mattress:


Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty. How is the Nectar Mattress made?
The first is a Tencel cooling cover, it promotes air circulation, wicks away heat and is bedbug resistant. The second layer is quilted memory foam which provides loft, air circulation and contours to your body. The third layer is made of gel memory foam which distributes weight and pressure. The fourth layers is an adaptive hi-core memory foam which provides support and bounce and the final fifth layer reinforces the contouring and support layer providing a stable foundation for the whole mattress.


When you sleep on the Nectar Mattress this is what happens:
Better Sleep


The Nectar Mattress compresses enough to keep your body straight as you sleep, this helps your back, your neck and allows you a more comfortable sleep. I noticed that the back pain I was experiencing with my old mattress has subsided almost completely. I feel like I am definitely getting better support and a better nights sleep.
The Nectar Mattress also comes with The FOREVER WARRANTY™ – that means exactly what it says FOREVER! If your Nectar breaks from normal use they will replace it free of charge, even if 100 years goes by. Now that’s a warranty you can count on.



Sleeping is important, shouldn’t you sleep on a mattress that is comfortable, supports your body and keeps its shape? The Nectar Mattress is the mattress you have been looking for. Purchase your Nectar Mattress today for a better sleep tonight!