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by Dianna Ranere

My Trip Home by Finley The Flying Monkey #FlyingMonkey #DisneyOzEvent


Hi, my name is Finley, or Flying Monkey if you prefer. I am commandeering Di’s blog for a moment to tell you about my trip from California to Baltimore in all its gory details.

Di, or as some people call her, FSM, was introduced to me during her trip to California as part of the Disney Movie Oz The Great and Powerful Red Carpet Premiere event. First she spotted me in the Disney Store, picked me up, exclaimed how much she loved me and then put me back down, something about she wasn’t allowed to take me home, or some nonsense.

Seriously Lady, what is wrong with you? Didn’t you see how cute and cuddly I was? How could you put me back??

 So we parted ways, but little did we know that we would meet again, and soon.

Fast forward to that evening, Marshall, whose a buddy of mine, arranged for Di and I to meet again, this time as part of an awesome and very generous gift bag for all of the bloggers who attended the event.


See, I am obviously the better gift out of all of that stuff, right?


So she sees me and our eyes connect, she remembers me! She lugs everything up to her room, Skyped her family telling them all about the trip and went on and on and on forever it seemed. At one point she does think to pick me up and show me to her family, and even proclaimed to her boys, that I am hers. SMH!



Then you know what she did?? She threw me a box, a big scary box on top of clothes and shoes and other stuff and then closed it!

 Apparently Miss Thing wasn’t prepared with enough bags to take me home in so she had to mail some stuff. Serves her right, but really, to leave me in a box like that is just cruel, doesn’t she know I could have flown home too? I have wings for Pete’s sake!

So after a very long trip, I arrive in the big box on her front step today. Even though she was  mean and left me in that scary dark box, I came bearing gifts, because that’s just how I fly 🙂 ….



When she opened the box, she was smiling from ear to ear and grabbed and hugged me first!  ME! Yay!



I was also able to reconnect with my old friend Woody, he was in the store with me back in California, but she took HIM home with her. Yeah, not going there…..



Ok, ok, not going to dwell, I am happy to be here, and you know why?

I met my best friend today……….



So all is forgiven now, my horrendous trip is over. I met up with Woody again, got to take a nap with my new buddy Nikolas, and got to hang out with Di again. All is great but………………….

She’s lucky I didn’t tell one of the Witches about her. 🙂



Finley The Flying Monkey



OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL lands in theaters on March 8th!!


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