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by Dianna Ranere

Mobile Gaming Is Paving The Way For Adult Players

For the longest time, gaming, in general, has held a certain reputation as being aimed at a younger male audience, and whilst in many markets that still appears to be true to a large degree, there is certainly a shift happening in mobile gaming – this shift could change how the gaming market as a whole works, too, as it has been suggested that over 54% of investment into gaming is directly aimed at mobile games. The change has already been seen, too, the primary demographic for mobile gamers are now adults over the age of thirty, and primarily adult females too – this change with the market being aimed at those with a disposable income, which in some instances is restricting these games primarily to this market too.

The biggest market seeing, especially recently has been online casinos as they have seen a huge surge in traffic due to the current lockdown measures across the world – many are either attached to a big brand or name where The Best Casinos review it, but it isn’t necessarily the style of game that has led to the shift in popularity – more commonly these games are becoming a social event, you’re able to share with your friends what you’re doing on social media, many have active chat rooms where you can talk to other players, there are others even moving in to virtual reality to offer a realistic environment where you can be social too – this change to a more open social environment is what has been the cornerstone for the growth in many of these games in recent years.

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Another change for these games has been toward the casual nature of them – they’re designed so players can hop in, play for a few minutes and click back out without any real-time investment needed – no progress is lost, the games don’t require you to sink a lot of time into to make any progress, and if you are able to play more you’re able to see greater progress within the game. This change has allowed those with a busy life, adults with families, and a full-time work schedule, to still enjoy gaming in a casual and fun way.

Mobile gaming is definitely set to be the future of gaming with this increasing interest and evolving audience, as it continues to grow there will no doubt be a niche carved out even more for the adult gamer to fit a more flexible, or more strict schedule, as well as the growing trend of many of these games being directly aimed at an older audience. If you haven’t checked out mobile gaming yet, you’re bound to find something you like – many are very intuitive and simple to access without much prior knowledge, and who knows – you may even find and develop a new hobby that’s cheap and always accessible from the palm of your hand with little time investment required to gain an in-game accomplishment each day.