Mello Sea Salted CBD Caramels

Remember the caramels your grandma used to keep in a dish at her house? OK, now imagine if they were 20 times cooler. Meet Mello, your sea salted caramel that is here to change how you enjoy your sweets and CBD.

These individually wrapped caramels provide 15mg of active CBD in each piece, allowing you to get your daily dose in the sweetest way possible. Or take a couple, we won’t judge. When they’re that delicious and that effective, you really can’t help it if you take more than one. 

Mello is non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free and all-natural.


Mass: 20 Caramels

Total CBD: 300mg

Dosage: 15mg

Flavor: Sea Salted Caramel

Price: $50


the mello way

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