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by Dianna Ranere

See The First-ever LEGO Music Video and The LEGO Trolls World Tour Building Sets

In celebration of this year’s all-new LEGO® Trolls World Tour building sets (see below), the perfect gift this holiday season, the first-ever LEGO® music video for the film debuted on the Peacock Kids YouTube channel!

Vibe City Concert                                         Pop Village Celebration
 $59.99                                                      SRP: $49.99
Retailer: Kohl’s Exclusive                               RetailerAmazon, Mass
Volcano Rock City Concert                       Hot Air Balloon Adventure
 $29.99                                                      SRP: $29.99
Retailer: Target, Mass                                     RetailerAmazon, Mass
Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure            Techno Reef Dance Party
 $19.99                                                      SRP: $19.99
Retailer: Target, Mass                                    RetailerTarget, Mass

Poppy’s Pod
SRP: $19.99
RetailerAmazon, Mass