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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review | Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate

Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate Review and Giveaway #JacksonGalaxyCatPlay #Contest

Jackson Galaxy Cat Toy Review and Giveaway #JacksonGalaxyCatPlay

We are a family of three cats, three cats at all different stages of life. One is 11, another will be 6, and baby kitty aka Mia is 2 1/2. So as well as being at all stages age-wise, they are also at all different stages play-wise. When I was asked to review the Jackson Galaxy collection by Petmate I didn’t hesitate, my oldest son and I are HUGE fans of Jackson Galaxy and his show. What I like about Jackson is how gentle he is with even the meanest of cats, he understands them and that is the reason I was so excited to try out his toys on my babies, he “gets” them.

Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate Review and Giveaway #JacksonGalaxyCatPlay #Contest 11
Cheeto checking out all of the goodies

The Jackson Galaxy™ Collection fuses product insights from Jackson’s 20+ years of experience as a trusted cat behaviorist with Petmate’s 50+ years of leadership in the pet industry. The Jackson Galaxy® Collection by Petmate® taps directly into their natural instincts to bring out their best. Each of these products speaks to at least one of your cat’s natural behaviors — hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom and sleep.

Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate Review and Giveaway #JacksonGalaxyCatPlay #Contest 8
Mia and her kicker

As soon as we received the package all three of my cats were waiting in line to see what I had. I think they could smell the catnip because they didn’t want to wait. Check out Mia in the delivery box with her fun, Mixed Twisted Refillable Kicker Cat Toy. You can put catnip inside but at this point it was empty, I think she just wanted to claim it as hers.

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The Jackson Galaxy® Organic Catnip is grown and packaged in the USA! I found that it felt different than the regular nip that we usually buy, it was super finely cut making it smell even more potent. Fine-cut catnip great for tooth, gum and digestive health. All three of my cats love catnip, so we were excited to see The Vault Marinater Cat Toy. This is an awesome way to infuse their toys without having to sprinkle it all over them. All you do is place the toys inside then take the catnip and place it along the sides of the cube and close. After awhile, the toys will be catnip terrific and your cats will have hours of play.

Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate Review and Giveaway #JacksonGalaxyCatPlay #Contest 10

Next we explored the Jackson Galaxy™ Ground Prey Teaser Cat Toy. You can extend the telescoping portion to your desired length and then drag the snake across the floor. The toy is made with heavy duty material that won’t break in seconds like some toys tend to do. The snake is made from durable plastic that “wiggles” when drug across the floor. This is totally a hunting toy your cat will love.

Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate Review and Giveaway #JacksonGalaxyCatPlay #Contest 3
Cheeto and Ollie love this toy!

Last but not least, we were sent the Jackson Galaxy™ Air Prey & Laser Teaser Cat Toy.  This toy was by far the favorite amongst them all! Between the feathers and the 30-inch retractable cord, and the  43-inch adjustable telescoping length, the cats didn’t know what to go for first. Feathers are definitely something they all must “get,” so we knew they would love it as soon as we got it out. I love the retractable cord and so did they!

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This toy also came with a laser, and I don’t know one cat that doesn’t love a laser light. I love it too because they make me laugh uncontrollably when trying to catch it. This particular laser has a band that you can put on your finger to hold it instead of in your hand like normal.

As you can tell my cats loved this collection and so did I. You can tell the love that was put into making each one of these toys. They are well made, sturdy and capture a cats attention. I believe that because Jackson Galaxy understands the behaviours of cats that he knows what toys they will love. You  can find the Jackson Galaxy™ Collection by Petmate® at PetSmart® stores and Petsmart.com.






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