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by Dianna Ranere

Meet Jack Bender The Artist Behind The Paintings on Under The Dome #DomeAmbassadors

Meet Jack Bender The Artist Behind The Paintings on Under The Dome #DomeAmbassadors 10

Jack Bender Under The Dome

When I visited the Under The Dome Set I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the infamous paintings on Under The Dome. In the show, Pauline, Big Jim’s wife, is shown as the artist, but behind the scenes it is Executive Producer/Director Jack Bender who brings these painting to life.

Jack Bender Under The Dome7

Jack invited us to come and take a look at his paintings that are done in a small studio on the Under The Dome sound stage where we saw several of his paintings, both personal and from the show.

After showing us where the art was created, he invited us back to his office where his walls were adorned with even more artwork created by Jack.

Jack Bender Under The Dome11

He told us that art has always been a part of his life and he see’s his art as “messy” or as his latest installation a “Junk Blessing” –

I call my art Junk Blessing. When I was a boy, I would ride my bike through alleys, bring home old doors, windows, boxes, rusty pipes, any junk I’d find. Then I’d hammer it togther, oaint it, and make it into something worth looking at. I guess that’s what I am still doing–transforming the stuff around me into stories worth sharing. I believe life is a junk v\blessing. It’s about what we make of it.  – Jack Bender

I was honered to receive a signed copy of his book 2 Broken People : A Redemption Story by Jack Bender.

Jack Bender Under The Dome12



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