February 25, 2024

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by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Iconic Paw Custom Pet Portraits

King Ollie


Want a unique gift for the pet owner on your list? Iconic Paw offers custom portraits of pets as King’s, Super Heros, Queens, and more! It is truly a one of a kind gift that you will cherish forever.
Our senior cat Ollie recently passed away and it was and still is extremely hard for all of us, especially my oldest son. Ollie was his first-ever pet cat, and they had spent the last almost 16 years together. As I was looking for a way to memorialize Ollie, Iconic Paw reached out about being in our Holiday Gift Guide. I tell you, it was fate that they reached out so soon after his death because this was the perfect way to memorialize him as the King he was.


King Ollie

I can’t tell you how happy this made me when I saw it. I cried, one because the loss is still so fresh, and two because he looks so regal in this photo. Seeing him looking so proud and so healthy made my heart swell. The portrait is really amazing in the clarity and color, it really looks like he sat for a painting of himself.

So you can see for yourself just how amazing these portraits are and how you should definitely purchase one for yourself or someone on your holiday list. Just think about the face of the person receiving it when they see their pet immortalized like this, even if it just gives them a chuckle (some are super silly), it will have been worth it.

Check out a discount code below to save 15% off until Jan 6th.

Here are 6 Inspiring Reasons You Should Own An Iconic Paw Portrait

  • It’s One Of A Kind
  • Printed on Ready To Hang Gallery Quality Canvas
  • Fixes Bad Moods in Seconds
  • 98.7% Guaranteed to make people laugh (Yes it’s true)
  • Officially lets your pet know that you think he’s a big deal
  • Made by Real Artists that draw pet portraits every day

Our artists create your pet’s work of art with love and attention to detail. In short, we turn your pet’s photo into a Masterpiece. Simply upload your favorite pet photo, and our artists will work their magic.

P.S. Iconic Paw Portraits make the perfect gift for all pet parents.

Price: $49.95 and up *

Purchase: Iconic Paw.com

*Use DISCOUNT CODE: ICONICCHRISTMASWD at Iconic Paw.com and receive 15% off  (valid until Jan 6)



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