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by Dianna Ranere

How You Can Grow Old Gracefully And Love It!

Let’s face it, we have no choice but to get older. As each day passes we are another day older, and that means that we have to learn to grow old gracefully. But with our bodies not as young as they used to be, how do we actually grow old gracefully? Is it all in the mind or physically can we do things? 

It can actually be a fun part of your life and the more you actually place some focus on it, the more you can give yourself something to look forward to. The truth is, we can all be a little more focused on what is going on today than what will be happening in ten years, but, spending a little time and consideration for it could make a big difference to your life in the future. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you could consider it, and no, it doesn’t involve any surgery.     



Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash


Exercising your way to feeling good

Exercise, no matter what your age, is good for you, and so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that continuing to keep up with exercise into your older years will actually be a great way to grow old gracefully. Of course, you may not be able to run marathons, although, clearly we see success stories of older people smashing the boundaries all of the time, but regular exercise can help you keep at bay some of the common ailments elderly people have such as pains to joints and muscles. Plus it can also help with energy levels and how you feel mentally, which will always be a good thing. 

So what can you do? To ensure that you take advantage of this it is all about getting into a routine as soon as you can when it comes to exercise. Whether you choose to exercise a few times a week, or try and be active in some way each day. The more you focus on enabling exercise to become part of your life, the easier it will be to embrace it as you get older. That is because it will already be part and parcel of your life. 


What else can you do to tackle the wrinkles

Of course, as time goes on, the collagen in the skin can start to loosen, and wrinkles can begin to form, and while it is all well and good trying out those anti-aging products, a decent skincare routine and drinking plenty of water is always going to be a good place to start to keep the aging signs at bay. But, things like different beauty products that have ingredients like collagen could also be an alternative way to ensure that you tackle the elasticity of the skin and try and improve matters. Regular facials could help, as well as looking at the food you eat through your diet. A combination of things could really help to tackle those wrinkles once and for all, while still looking incredible for age. Again this is just about routine, so the more you do now to help your skincare routine flourish, the better things will be for you in the future.


Taking action on how you feel

Sometimes getting older affects us mentally, and perhaps more than we will let on or communicate with others. Your body changes, you may feel more tired and lethargic during activities, and generally you don’t always feel your best. Sometimes though, there may be things you witness and feel, that just shouldn’t be ignored. So while you do want to grow old gracefully, don’t forget to be mindful of how you are feeling physically. Mental health is one of those things that we can often feel isolated with, but the truth is, the more we talk about it, the more you realise that it can affect everyone. When it comes to mental health, it might also be affected by loneliness when you are older, especially if you live alone and no longer have work to think about. Making sure you remain social can be a big thing to help you through tough times. 

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What does the future hold in terms of living arrangements?

Another thing to consider would be to consider what the future holds in terms of living arrangements and what you might want for your life. You get the opportunity to consider things such as living in your home independently, or whether you want to think about things such as living in a place where all residents are of a similar age. Places like La Posada could offer a great lifestyle for your later years in life. It could be a great way to think about how you might want to spend your days as you get older. Being around other people that have a similar interest or of a similar age can help you to feel less isolated and to embrace your old age. It can also help to keep you feeling young. 


What might you do with your time?

One of the great things about getting older and thinking about it now is the fact that you can start to plan what you want to do with your time. A great place to start is to create a bucket list. You can do this for places you want to visit or experiences that you want to have. It gives you something to aim for and enables you to get excited about the future. A bucket list could also be for smaller things like eating in a specific restaurant or experiencing something more locally, do what you want with it is yours to change and think about. You could also look at hobbies or other ways that you could do with your time when you no longer have a job or are employed. Last of all, maybe you want to consider staying in business when it comes to leaving a job later in life. Perhaps you could do some consultancy work, offer advice, or even start your own business that could prove to be a great way to spend your time as you get older. This can keep you young and your mind working, which can help you to enjoy growing old gracefully. 


Is it all in the mindset?

Finally, is it all in the mind? Is getting old just a feeling? There is a lot to be said about how you feel mentally and that can really impact how you move forward with your life. A great tip to grow old gracefully would be to proactively remain positive about things in your life moving forward. There are plenty of tips online on how to remain positive through your thought process and your actions. The more you make this a habit for life now, the better things will be as you get older. It can be hard to see past getting old as aching bones and not as much energy as you have today, but it can be an amazing part of your life that can be so much fun. But your mindset is a big part of it. Having a positive mentality now can be a great habit to get into, and it can help you to move forwards with your life. 


The more you start to think about life, the changes you make now, the better things will be and can help you to make more of your future. Let’s hope these tips help you to grow old gracefully.