November 30, 2023

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

How To Plan Your First Road Trip

Photo by averie woodard Unsplash

No matter when you get your driving license – planning your first road trip is a big deal. A first road trip is the first time you will drive that distance, the first time that you will be the one in charge of planning the driving and the stopping – and have complete control of the playlist too. 

Long road trips can put our driving skills to the test since we will need to concentrate for so much longer – they can be tough on us mentally and physically. 

We already know that when we are driving, much of what we do is predict what other car users are going to do. Other drivers that make mistakes should have some comeuppance -simply so they are more careful in the future. A car accident lawyer is a perfect way to handle these incidents. 

Hopefully, you never need it! On with the planning of your first road trip: 


If you are super ambitious, the chances are you are going to pick a destination that pushes you to your limits like Scotland’s hotspots for driver frustration. Keep that place in mind for your second trip. For your first trip, choose a destination only a few hours away. 

This will help you get used to the feeling of driving for hours and the energy it takes to do so. 

Treat it like a sport and work up to the longer hours. 


The further you venture from home, the more likely you will run into unfamiliar roads and layouts. This can be a nightmare for new drivers to take in their stride. A scenic route usually offers less busy streets more beauty, but you might be required to drive for a little longer. 

The roads that you take might also be changed based on your confidence in your driving. The scenic roads with fewer people on can be an idea to build your driving confidence. 


It isn’t just you that needs to be prepared for a long drive – your car needs to be ready too. If your vehicle is a little worse for wear – you need to decide if you would prefer to fix it up or hire a car for the duration of the trip. 

If you have a few people with you, you can all chip in to pay for the car, take turns driving, and go for a larger model. If it is just you, you might consider a sports car or a convertible. 


Stopping a few times as your drive is going to keep you refreshed and enable you to manage the rest of the drive without getting too tired. 

Stopping regularly means you can get out of the car, stretch your legs and get some refreshments. It is recommended that you try to take a rest stop every 2-3 hours, or if you feel tired at any point. 

You might also plan some stops at places you want to eat or see. 

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