How to Pack Necklaces and Avoid Tangled Jewelry

Well, you like necklaces and are some sort of collector. You visit often and bought yourself a few necklaces. But, while traveling, you always end up having tangled jewelry, which can be infuriating, so you want a solution to this problem. No one wants to have their favorite collections in a heap that is not wearable. Well, worry no more because you have come to the right place. Here are a few tips to help you pack necklaces.


Use Pill Cases for your Rings and Stud Earrings

Rings and earrings can get lost easily. So, what you need to do is to find a remedy for this. Pill cases can offer you the solution to this problem. Buy daily pill cases, and ensure they will never get lost. These cases help ensure that they are compartmentalized. This helps you avoid getting them tangled. Also, you can choose to organize them in the way you will be wearing them.

Use Straws for your Necklaces

Straws are an easy and cheap way to avoid getting your necklaces tangled as well. Collect the normal drinking straws, and make use of them. Decide the number of necklaces you wish to travel with. Then get enough straws to help you with this hack. Of course, the length of your necklaces will determine the kind of straws you will use. Once you have your straws, thread every necklace through a straw. Close the necklace, and pack normally. The straw will help ensure that your necklaces will not get tangled.


Use Plastic Wrap to Avoid Tangling

Using plastic wrap can also be a great hack for you. Here, the instructions are simple. Get all the necklaces you wish to travel with. Lay them on the plastic wrap, press, and then seal. Any time you wish to wear a piece, pull it from the wrapping. At the end of the day, get your necklace back, and seal the plastic wrap again. Well, an easy and inexpensive hack here.

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Arm Yourself with a Jewelry Box

Well, if you like to buy necklaces, you may as well consider getting a jewelry box. A jewelry box will help you avoid any packing issues when you decide to travel. Jewelry boxes come in sizes. You can get the small ones where you can store your rings and earrings. Or, you can get big ones where you can fit your necklace collection. Regardless of your decision, a jewelry box is a great tool to have.


Hangers can be a Great Hack as well

Large necklaces can be problematic to pack. They cannot fit in pill cases, and straws may not work for them as well. So, what can you do? Well, make use of foldable hangers. The process is quite simple here. Wrap a necklace around a hanger, and store them in whichever compartment you prefer. You do not have to invent crazy ideas with this one. This method is not only effective but also inexpensive, and it will get the job done.


Make Use of a Washcloth

There are many ways to get resourceful besides the use of foldable hangers. Well, make use of a washcloth. What you do is place your jewelry on a piece of the washcloth, roll them, and fold them. The next thing involves using rubber bands to ensure the necklaces do not roll out. A simple and effective hack this one.

So, you do not have to spend hours trying to untangle your necklaces anymore. Use either of the hacks above, and you will have saved yourself a lot of time.

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