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by Dianna Ranere

How To Find Rare Animes When They’re Not On Your Main TV Channels

Anime has been gaining in popularity all around the world. But that doesn’t mean you’re likely to discover new anime show on traditional TV channels any time soon. Indeed, only 18% of Americans watch animes, which is a considerably smaller viewership figure than in Asian countries. A whopping one-third of the Japanese population is familiar with animes and follows new adventures. It comes as a surprise to no one that almost half of all anime shows are produced in Japan. 

Yet, with over 6000 animes to choose from, we only receive around 200 shos fully dubbed in English. These typically land on standard TV channels. What about all the other shows we never get to see on TV? Fear no more; there are some solutions available!

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Embrace subtitled shows on Netflix

Netflix has already shown an obsession for diverse and eclectic content. The streaming giant has already revived the old U.S. favorite, The Cuphead Show. This joins an already long list of cartoons and animes available on the platform. 

It may be worth exploring and rating some of their shows to let the Netflix team know what you’re after. Netflix already has a selection of popular animes, including some classics such as Spirited Away, but also Manga-inspired titles such as Tokyo Ghoul and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Not all titles are available with dubbed voices. But there’s a lot to be said for watching animes in their original Japanese voice! 

Netflix tends to monitor ratings and streaming statistics to plan future programs and acquisitions. So, you know what you’ve got to do to help them choose your new favorite shows!

Download it from a safe source

It’s no wonder people who love specialist content know all about the best torrent sites to get their daily dose of goodness. Bear in mind that torrent sites are likely to share files illegally, which could put you at risk of legal repercussions. That being said, lawsuits rarely target individuals. Nevertheless, consider yourself warned if you explore torrent sources. 

With torrents, you also want to protect your laptop, as P2P sharing technology relies heavily on platforms that are populated by unverified content. You could download malware without even realizing it! Using a VPN to protect your device is a must with torrents. 

However, torrent sites present a crucial advantage for Internet users. They show comments from other users, and you can easily judge the quality or safety of a file through these comments. Besides, some users are also keen to share additional information, such as mentioning other titles or legal viewing sources. It can be time demanding, but torrents are actually a fantastic source of knowledge about your favorite animes! 

Consider streaming it from safe platforms

Platforms such as Dramacool, for instance, provide streaming services for Asian shows, including some animes. Unlike torrent sites, you can simply open the site and watch without downloading anything onto your device. 

Subtitles are often provided by the person who uploaded the file to the platform. However, the quality of translation tends to be high and doesn’t affect your understanding of the show. More often than not, you can also find some side notes appearing in the subtitles, such as explanations regarding plays on words or words with a double meaning. 

The only issue you might face is when you’re trying to watch a popular show. Files are stored on a server that may not have the capacity to support a large volume of simultaneous viewing. Additionally, these platforms are entirely free, which means they use advertising heavily to monetize their presence. While it doesn’t distract from the show, it’s best to watch on a laptop screen with a mouse to remove ads quickly rather than use your smart TV. 

Ask on Reddit

The anime subreddit, /r/Anime, is a vast community filled with enthusiasts who are ready to provide tips or exchange files. Many anime lovers already know the best spots to try and discover new shows. 

They also share the latest news from the community, including upcoming titles and projects. 

With over 10 years of existence, this subreddit is a valuable source of information, knowledge, and everyday anime news. You can even make friends in foreign countries and compare your respective anime libraries. 

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Check out online comic titles

Existing manga books and webtoons inspire a large majority of anime shows. Places such as Manga Planet offer free subscriptions to discover new manga content. Additionally, website cartoons, or Webtoons available on the Webtoon site, often get developed for the screen in the long term, as anime series or even K dramas. 

Are you looking for new anime titles? The Internet is a treasure chest with a variety of options to watch, download, and discover new titles. Remember to be safe when you explore digital platforms, though. As not everyone online has your best interests at heart!