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by Dianna Ranere

How to Bring Balinese Style Home From Your Holiday

The Indonesian island of Bali is a hot tourist destination attracting people from all over the world. Hand-crafted furniture, local artwork, indoor plants, and lots of rattan are the hallmarks of Balinese style. Contemporary minimalism and natural coastal elements are a rich source of interior design inspiration.

And when you take the captivating natural beauty of this island, its traditional design, and artisan items into account, it’s no wonder the Balinese-inspired décoris becoming increasingly popular. 

If you’ve fallen in love with this island’s unique and chic look, let’s explore ways to recreate this stunning style and design a tropical paradise at your home!

Embrace Cane Furniture & Woven Homewares

When looking to recreate that tropical vibe, handmade furniture from ethically-sourced materials and the homewares in natural colors and textures are the perfect addition to your home. 

Furnish your place with cane furniture, woven seagrass baskets, jute ottomans, or woven pendant lights. 

Home accessories hand-crafted from rattan, teak, or bamboo create a relaxed, resort-inspired feel. Although they were traditionally used in summer homes, they can easily find a spot in modern spaces too. 


Natural Materials and Nature-Inspired Accessories Are a Must

Natural materials like cotton and linen textiles play a major role in the overall Balinese aesthetics. Linen curtains and crisp cotton sheets will help you turn your home into a Balinese retreat. To absolutely nail the Bali-inspired look, add some tactile cushions as well. 

Animal themed home décor is yet another way to upgrade your home design and bring nature into your interior. Animal symbolism can add meaning to your décor, so if you are interested in exploring it further, learn more on Skull Bliss blog.


Dress Your Tables

Raw and natural materials like raw ceramics have found their way into modern interior décor. Mugs, cups, plates, dishes, and vases inspired by your favorite island resort will help you get that Balinese feel right.

Besides dressing your table with pottery, you can add a wooden bowl as a coffee table or dining table centerpiece. These are the fine touches that will help you recreate that unforgettable holiday experience at your home.


Focus on Colors Inspired by the Earth

Select earthy hues like light greys, dark rich browns, whites, soothing greens, rich shades of yellow, and timber. The earth-toned color palette comes from natural things around us like green leaves and brown soil, and it creates a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere.

These colors will also help you channel the island vibes into your rooms. They are very versatile, so they can complement a huge range of colors. 

Add a dash of teal or blue-grey to accentuate one of your walls or pillars and liven up your space.


Adorn Your Home With Patterned Details

Add more personality to your space with patterned throws, blankets, and rugs. They will provide your interior with more character while also bringing the Balinese aesthetic into your home. 

These stylish textures will also make your abode feel soft, warm, and cozy. 


Prioritize Natural Lighting 

Most of Bali’s homes are decked with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Natural light is very important in these interiors. You can install larger windows or add a skylight to increase natural light in your home.

Adding more mirrors and shiny surfaces and objects is a more affordable way to make your space look brighter. 

Note that wooden, ceramic, or stone floors with a polished finish reflect more light than carpets. 


Add Some Tropical Greenery

Bamboo, palms, or snake plants are the perfect choice when looking to replicate Balinese style. The green hues of vibrant indoor plants in weaved rattan baskets will create the outdoor feeling inside and add to the soothing atmosphere you are aiming for. 

And flower arrangements made from hibiscus, heliconia, ferns, and bird of paradise will complete the Balinese vibe in your home!