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by Dianna Ranere

How Did A City Girl Get a Green Thumb?

As far back as I can remember we always had plants in the house. They had to be in the house since we lived in the city, so outdoor space was very limited, although we did have a few out in our concrete yard. Now that I live in the burbs, and have a enormous yard, we have plants, trees and bushes  all over the place.


I have tried to maintain them as best as I know how, with many thanks to my dear departed Mom I have done pretty well. I have lost some along the way, a beautiful Hydrangea and some Peonies have bit the dust, but will be retrying those again soon.  After all, a green thumb is something learned and needs to be cultivated, at least in my case it does.


Here are the current residents in my yard that I have managed to keep alive:




The Momma Aloe and her babies.


Two plants that I haven’t a clue what they are?? Do you? Dig my “green” Maxwell House planter 😉



Philodendron – the same one (was my Mom’s) I have had for years.



Spider Plants



Pretty Hosta’s



Smoke Tree – I am pretty proud of this one since I planted him as a wee baby and now he is huge!



Wisteria and Azalea – The Wisteria we refer to as the “Octopus Tree” since it has vines that will attached to anything it is near. The Azalea always reminds me of my Grandmother, since she had several planted around her house.