FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Traditions

This Thursday, Thanksgiving, I will be be thinking about my parents.  I lost Dad in 1996 and Mom in 2006.  The only family I have on my side is my sister and her kids…that’s it, no one else is left except for my Great Aunt who has dementia. This is hard for me because we always had such huge family get-together’s during the holidays.

Instead of this being a time where I dwell in the sadness, and believe me I could easily slip into a deep depression, I will be thankful for what I have and for those who truly love me regardless of what I do or say.  Life is too short to worry about what others expect of me…..I know who I am and I am happy with that.

I am looking forward to continuing my Mom’s holiday traditions this Thanksgiving by cooking and making memories with my boys and my husband. Tradition is important to me and remembering my parents and having my boys remember them through my actions, is all that matters……period.

If you are missing someone this holiday season, grab the photo albums, share some stories and keep them alive in your holiday traditions……it helps.