November 29, 2023

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by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Smith Street Books Gifts

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Smith Street Books has a wonderful collection of gift items. Fans of Meryl Streep, West Wing, and David Bowie will enjoy these unique gifts. While those with domestic flair will like The Cocktail Deck of Cards, plant gifts, and puzzles galore. Whether you want to get rowdy with friends and family or test your pop-culture prowess, Smith Street Gift has a wide selection of gift items for everyone on your shopping list.

Here are just a few of the items we offer:


Who would you trust more with your future than the high priestess herself, Meryl Streep? Printed on high-quality card material, and packaged in a handy un-bendable box, this tarot deck celebrates the legacy of Meryl Streep. With more credits to her name than cards in tarot, and 21 Academy Awards to boot, she’s a guiding beacon for us all to follow when times are unclear. This deck is based on the structure of the classic Rider-Waite, with each card featuring a character from her career’s many highlights. And hey: if your future, as ordained by these cards, ain’t looking so bright – just turn on one of your favorite movies she’s been in and lose yourself in her RAW talent. Meryl, we’re not worthy. Australian artist Chantel de Sousa illustrated this tarot deck tribute to Meryl. She’s previously illustrated a number of pop culture decks for Smith Street Gift.

THE WEST WING PLAYING CARDS Illustrated by Chantel De Sousa – $19.99

Walk and talk with your favorite characters from The West Wing, illustrated on this deck of cards. If you don’t love The West Wing, the chances are you don’t actually have a pulse and should seek immediate medical treatment. It’s one of the shows ever made, period. Now it’s time to bring the White House to your game nights, with these playing cards. Printed on high-quality card material, this deck is a standard poker set with four classic suits. Each celebrates our favorite West Wing characters. Josh Lyman and Donna Moss are spades; CJ Cregg and Toby Ziegler represent clubs; Leo McGarry and Charlie Young take diamonds; and the Bartlets are hearts because, well, we just love to love them. 

THE ICONIC DAVID BOWIE 5OO Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Illustrated by Niki Fisher –  $29.99

The chameleonic legacy of alien rock god, David Bowie, spans decades. Weaving through the real and the imagined, his personas – in music, film, and fashion – record an evolving genius, from young David Jones to glam Ziggy Stardust and beyond. His life was defiant and iconic – a true artist of reinvention, expression, and electrifying music.

LATE-NIGHT RAMEN 1OOO Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Illustrated by Alice Oehr – $35.00

Not often does a recipe for ramen require 1,000 jigsaw pieces. That’s where the Ramen Puzzle comes in… Featuring stunning illustrations by Australian artist Alice Oehr, this jigsaw will have you noodling away for hours. Naturally, this puzzle is best completed alongside some home-delivered ramen from your favorite local Japanese restaurant. Just be careful where you slurp. 

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha SATC: 500 piece jigsaw puzzle By Chantel de Sousa – $29.99

Celebrate your favorite New Yorkers – alongside the fashion, cocktails, and sassy attitude – with this fabulously illustrated 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. It first aired in 1998, but Sex and the City still resonate today. The hit romance/comedy/drama, based on Candace Bushnell’s book of the same name, pushed the envelope in its celebration of female friendships, sexuality, and personal empowerment. This unofficial jigsaw puzzle is a fun, fitting tribute to one of the most iconic television series of all time.

Tiger King: 500 piece jigsaw puzzle By Chantel de Sousa – $29.99

In 2020, the world became transfixed by the twisting tale of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and their gangs of cat-loving cronies. Now the characters of Tiger King are back – in this unofficial 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. Illustrated by Chantel de Sousa, this fun collage features the faces of Joe and his three husbands, as well as his zookeeping compatriots like Saff and John. Naturally Carole and her husband Howard are here too, as well as other big cat enthusiasts Jeff Lowe and Doc Antle.

80s ICONS 5OO– $29.99

500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Illustrated by Niki Fisher – Any millennial will say that the 90s were the best decade, but what do they even know? In the 80s, the Brat Pack was in every movie, and we could work out with Richard Simmons. Madonna and Boy George were fresh on the scene, and it was possible to waste our whole day with Atari or acid washing all of our denim. Our hair was bigger, our legs were warmer, and Matthew Broderick was busy making us swoon in cinemas. For anyone without access to a DeLorean, this is one of the best ways back to a better era. 


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