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by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Hasbro’s Simon Flash – Review & Giveaway!

OMG! Talk about an 80’s flashback for me! Who remembers Simon? I was obsessed with that game and, if I do say so myself, really good at it!

Hasbro now has a new version of this beloved game called Simon Flash! This version is amazing and super fun to play. Now you have four cubes to play with instead of the regular all in one game. Line up the cubes to start and then let the fun begin! The cubes “talk” to one another and know when you have completed the various puzzles so it is important that they all touch when lining them up, not a big deal at all, we didn’t have any issues with this.

My son is an 80’s fanatic, so when I showed him the game he already knew all about it, he has wanted the older version for months now. He was excited to play this updated version – so we did!

The game play varies, you can play the classic version where you match the color sequences, then there’s Simon Shuffle where you shuffle the cubes around to get them in the right sequence. Simon Lights Off is played by shuffling the cubes to each light is off and then there’s Simon Secret Color, with this game you have to move the cubes all around to all of the colors match. We had a blast playing all of them, but I am still partial to the classic version, old habits die hard. 🙂

Simon Flash comes with a portable carrying case, so if you wanted to take it to a friends house or with you on a Holiday visit, you are good to go!

We really enjoyed playing all the games and this will definitely be a fixture for our Family Game nights. Just a cool tip, try playing with the lights turned down low, the cubes look really cool!

Simon Flash is currently available at mass merchandise retailers nationwide for only $29.99, but check out those Holiday sales going on, Amazon has it for just $16.99.

**Simon Flash is for ages 8 and up and comes with eight AAA batteries, 2 in each cube.



(One winner will receive a Simon Flash Game)

Disclosure: I was provided with Simon Flash by Hasbro to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours.