February 25, 2024

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Pick ‘N Peel Stones Kit

Pick ‘N Peel Stones Kit – $29.99

Everything you need, all in in one kit!

The Pick ‘N Peel Stones Kit includes:

  • One pre-filled, Original Pick ‘N Peel Stone (one side for picking, one side for peeling)
  • One Pick ‘N Peel Tool Kit
    • One double-sided, Pick ‘N Peel Picker
    • One heavy-duty Pick ‘N Peel Puller
    • One silicone Pick ‘N Peel Scraper
  • One Bottle of Filler in Tear-Away Teal color

Intentionally designed to help calm your mind, soothe your anxiety, and even give you some uncomplicated fun, the Pick N’ Peel Stones were made to satisfy all your picking and peeling needs. Inspired by the founder’s love of satisfying videos, the stones are perfect for kids, adults, and older folks to relax and take the time for some much-needed self-care.


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