November 29, 2023

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Lola and Maeve Custom Candles

Lola and Maeve Custom Candle – $34.00

Create a one of a kind gift for all the pet lovers on your list with a Lola and Maeve custom candle. Upload a photo, add text, choose an amazing scent, and you’ve got a gift they will always remember! Candles are made from an earth-friendly soy and apricot wax blend. Safe and non-toxic.

My Radar and his Lola and Mave Candle

About Lola and Maeve

Lola and Maeve are adorable real-life best friends who were born 5 days apart. Their people, Bob and Jen, are business owners with decades in the candle industry. They had the exciting idea to create a candle company that highlights dog breeds and personalities knowing how much fun it would be for people to see their beloved pets featured on a candle. Jen’s sister and niece, Kristen and Loryn, (also dog and candle lovers!) joined the team and we have been growing ever since! 

We donate a portion of our sales to help animals in need. There are so many incredible and dedicated organizations and rescues who work tirelessly to make a positive impact in the lives of animals. Running this company allows us to help on a larger scale than we ever thought possible, and that makes us so happy!


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