February 25, 2024

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Jøyus Non-alcoholic Rosé

Jøyus Non-alcoholic Rosé – $24.99

 Jøyus is the first non-alcoholic wine created by people that truly and deeply know what it’s like not to drink. Jøyus was born as a way to keep the fun, social aspect of drinking without the alcohol. They managed to provide their customers with the sophisticated, “adult” experience of popping open a bottle with a delicious blend that tastes just as good as any luxury label. The Jøyus mission is simple: help people everywhere on their sober journey. Maybe that’s for an hour, a night, 9 months, or the rest of your life. No matter how long, no matter the reason, Jøyus’s got your back.


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