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by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Chenille Magic Weighted Blanket

Chenille Magic Weighted Blanket – Price ranges depending on size: $190 – $260

Our original design has been scientifically proven to help ease anxiety and add a sense of calm through a process called Deep Pressure Therapy. The Magic Weighted Blanket is special compared to other weighted blankets because they have been made in America since 1998, come with a lifetime warranty, are designed with an attached duvet cover, and are completely machine washable.

All of our chenille weighted blankets:

  • Come in a variety of sizes and colors;
  • Are made in the USA;
  • Come with an attached duvet cover – no assembly required;
  • Are machine washable/dryable;
  • Are made from 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic polypropylene pellets; and
  • Come with a lifetime warranty

Why Choose Chenille?

“Chenille” is the French word for “caterpillar” and refers to fabric woven from yarn that is fuzzy and soft – like a caterpillar.  Chenille fabric is known for both its softness and durability, which means that our chenille weighted blankets are some of the comfiest on the market, without sacrificing quality.  Like all Magic Weighted Blankets, our luxurious chenille is fully machine washable/dryable and comes with a lifetime warranty.


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