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by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Bravity Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Bra

BravityPrice: $36.99 – $39.99

Meet the world’s only anti-wrinkle sleep bra! Bravity® is NOT your standard support bra. Regular bras today only support your chest and keep your breasts in place. Bravity prevents new wrinkles and creases and helps relieve the wrinkles you can develop when your breasts fall on top of each other at night. Have you ever woken up with deep creases in your chest that can take all day to disappear? That is what Bravity prevents! These wrinkles can happen at any age! It depends on the fatty tissue in your chest and your lymphatic system overnight.

In a Princeton Consumer Research clinical trial, 30 different women all reported a reduction in the lines they had after wearing a Bravity® bra for just one month! From winning the Women Inventor of the Year 2016 award at INPEX to being chosen as an As Seen On TV official product and invited to the exclusive Innovator’s Think Tank, Bravity® is changing lives for the better one bra at a time.


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