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by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Entertainment Checklist: Fun Things to Try at Home This Christmas

Christmas seasons are meant to be fun and filled with traditions that bring beautiful memories for all. It is no secret that this year has been a tumultuous one, with the Coronavirus pandemic causing some stress for many families across the world. Nevertheless, this should not stop you from trying out fun activities as you celebrate the season at home with your family. A survey showed that 60% of American homes love watching at least one fun movie with family during Christmas. Well, why not try even more fun activities this Christmas? Here are some entertaining activities you and your family can try to make the season more memorable.

Photo by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

Play with snow and build a snowman

Those icy white snowflakes should not just lie around your backyard without playing in it! You can have the most fun building a snowman or creating snow angels. Fortunately, this is a fun activity a child would love to be a part of. Remember that kids enjoy creative play, so this is an excellent way for them to express that innovative side. Other materials you will need are charcoal, some old black buttons, hats, scarves, twigs (to create arms), and some carrots (for the snowman’s nose). But before you go out to play in the snow, you should take some precautions. Be sure that you are appropriately dressed before you step out into the cold. Although you may already be dressed warmly indoors, you should remember that the temperatures outside may differ significantly; therefore, some extra layers will be needed.


If it is a snowless Christmas in your location, there are different ways to improvise. You can tape three largely blown balloons (preferably white ones) together. Then, proceed to draw facial features with black and red markers. The red one should only be for the mouth, while the black can draw the eyes and nose. An improvised snowman, unlike a frosty one, can only be kept indoors.


Take a Christmas family photo

Taking a family Christmas photo is usually a tradition for many families during the festive season, but it is time to spice it up a bit. You have to unleash your creativity and planning skills for this one. You can choose different themes you and the family could use. You can pick an  Elf theme or even dress as a cute family of reindeer. To be sure that your themes are well implemented, you should start planning quite early. Let your family give you feedback on the options you have made available to them. It makes them feel a part of the process and makes it easier for them to be as excited about it.


Admittedly, toddlers can become a real challenge during a photoshoot. To ensure yours is a smooth process, engage them with their favorite toys and treats. That should work like magic. Family photos at Christmas are an incredible idea; you can use them to create a family calendar or send them to grandparents and loved ones as a Season’s Greetings card. 



Build a gingerbread house

Is Christmas the same without a gingerbread house? Building a gingerbread house would require some necessary skills. Luckily, grocery shops stock up on all the ingredients and tools you would need to build your edible little house around this time of the year. YouTube and other internet sources like Pinterest are available with numerous content to give you step by step tutorials on creating a gingerbread house. Usually, the gingerbread house consists of a roof and four walls, but you and your family can let your imagination go wild. You can use Pretzel sticks to build the fence and to represent logs for the cabin. Shredded coconut can add a touch of realistic snow color to the roof. For people who may wish to have a brownish tint to the roof tiling, peanut butter will be ideal. How about you throw in some marshmallows to create mini snowmen or clumps of snow around your edible ‘house’? Remember that your creativity has no limits because you can use several candy canes to create a picturesque gingerbread house.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

Get creative with paper snowflakes 

Although it is fun being out in the snow, you and the family can’t always be there. You can still enjoy the snow by creating DIY snowflakes with paper. Easy right? Most households have some pieces lying around with no use for them. Get creative by folding up these papers and cutting out unique snowflake designs. When unfolded, you will have a chain of paper snowflakes that could be an extra piece of décor for your Christmas tree. You don’t have to use boring old newspapers; brighten up your tree with beautiful origami paper or colored construction paper snowflakes. But don’t let your creativity stop there. Get some Delta 8 THC products to boost your creativity and put you in a good mood.  If you’re going to add some intricate fun designs with a stencil, exercise caution to avoid injuries.



Indulge in a random act of kindness

Christmas is about love and kindness, so random acts come in handy. What better way than to show your kids the essence of giving and making life better for others? Random acts of kindness are lovely deeds that make both the giver and receiver feel good about each other. You could donate food or unused clothing to the homeless. Better yet, compile personalized goodwill messages and send them via an interactive social platform you belong to. Especially in a COVID-19 season where social distancing is necessary, virtual messages will still convey love to the receivers.


Christmas is the time to reflect on goodwill, the positives in life, and an opportunity to build on family traditions. Despite the pandemic, you can still enjoy the season from the comfort of your home while making others benefit from the joys as well. Besides these five ideas, look for more fun ways you can turn what would have been a gloomy Christmas into a fun and memorable one.