FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

High School Blogging

I have come to the conclusion that the Internet and the blogging are akin to being in High School and before I lump everyone into being the “popular kids”, the “mean girls” or the “nerds”, let me preface this to say that I don’t believe  that every single one of us falls into one of the above categories but some fit quite nicely.

Lately I have had some instances of “he said, she said” although it really was “she said, she said” as no male was involved – They know better to get involved in female cat fights. Anyway, I found that all of this bickering between grown women just made me want to run the other way and either cut contact or limit it. It made me take a good look at myself and realize that I fed into it and for that I am pointing the finger at myself and removing myself from the situation and all future situations that may arise.

I don’t want to be a part of this kind of “Internet friendship” I don’t want to hear about this persons blog, or how they run it, or what they put on it and so on. How someone chooses to run their site or page is up to them BUT if I don’t agree with it I won’t be a part of it or help in promoting it, nuff said.  I also recommend the same of someone who may not like my site, page, attitude, etc. You don’t have to read it, or associate with me. You are an adult, you have that right, as do I.

Have you had this kind of issue on the net? Have you been pulled into drama and then realized how silly it all was? What did you do?