Gift Idea: GloLens Selfie Light

In this social media obsessed world we are forever snapping photos. We take pictures of our food, our friends our family, everything! So we need our pictures to be the best they can be, especially selfies.

Have you ever been somewhere and tried to take a selfie and the lighting was just too dark and your picture comes out grainy? Yeah, so have I.


There are products out on the market that can help make your pictures brighter and better. GloLens is an illuminating lens from the Fashionit brand, that captures photos at a wide angle.

The GloLens clips easily onto the top of your phone and has a button on the side that has three settings to change the brightness of the light. The clip is easy to maneuver as is the button on the side of the phone to change the brightness.

It comes with a little carrying bag and a charger. To charge it all you need to do is connect it to your phone charger, it’s that simple. Just pop in your bag and you will always be ready with awesome light!

You can choose from 3 fashionable colors: Silver, Rose Gold and Gold so it goes with pretty much anything.

Such a simple concept that packs a lot of punch! This would make the perfect gift for teenagers, young adults and just about anyone who loves to take a good selfie. I love it and can’t wait to use it the next time I am out.

GloLens retails for $22, you can purchase it online or pop in your zipcode on the store locator and find it near you.


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