February 25, 2024

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

FARSCAPE: The Complete Series ’25th Anniversary Edition’ Arrives on Blu-Ray November 21st

Shout! Studios has announced that Farscape: The Complete Series (25th Anniversary Edition) will be arriving on Blu-ray™ on November 21, 2023. The set is available now for pre-order at ShoutFactory.com, Amazon.com, and other retailers.

The definitive release of the hit cult classic sci-fi TV series, the 22-disc set includes all 88 episodes from the show’s 4 seasons, the Emmy®-nominated 2-part miniseries The Peacekeeper Wars as well as previously existing extras and the NEW “A Look Back At Farscape” with Executive Producer Brian Henson and series creator/writer Rockne O’Bannon, hosted by Adam Savage.

John Crichton. Astronaut. Flung through a wormhole and lost in a galaxy far from home. He finds himself in the middle of a prison break, surrounded by hostile aliens, soaring through space inside a glorious living spaceship called Moya. Hunted by the relentless Peacekeepers, he allies himself with his unimaginably alien fellow refugees and searches for a way home.

So begins the epic sci-fi classic Farscape. A fusion of live-action, state-of-the-art puppetry, prosthetics and CGI, Farscape features mind-boggling alien lifeforms, dazzling special effects, edge-of-your-seat thrills, irreverent humor and unforgettable characters — all brought to life by the creative minds at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™. No wonder it’s been called the most imaginative sci-fi series in television history.

ShoutFactory.com has an exclusive offer available containing the following items:

  • Farscape: The Complete Series (25th Anniversary Edition) 22 Blu-ray set packaged in a rigid slipcase
  • An exclusive, limited edition 18” x 24” rolled poster — made exclusively for this promotion — featuring a newly illustrated design by artist Joe Corroney (final artwork to be revealed)
  • A set of three 2.5” x 3.5” retro prism stickers, featuring artwork by Matthew Skiff (this will ship in a stay-flat folded cardboard sleeve)

Plus, ShoutFactory.com and Gutter Garbs have teamed up to bring you the official Farscape Collectible Enamel Pin Set, exclusive to ShoutFactory.com and limited to 500 units.

  • Set includes 5 hard enamel pins
  • Each pin measures 1.5” to 2” high
  • Set includes a backer card, which measures approximately 6” x 5”, housed in a custom keepsake box, which measures approximately 7” x 6”
  • Art by Matthew Skiff


  • NEW “A Look Back At Farscape” With Executive Producer Brian Henson And Series Creator/Writer Rockne O’Bannon, Hosted By Adam Savage
  • 30 Audio Commentaries
  • “Memories Of Moya” Retrospective Documentary
  • Seven Archival Featurettes & Documentaries

o  “In The Beginning: A Look Back With Brian Henson”

o  “Making Of A Space Opera”

o  “Farscape Undressed”

o  Composer Guy Gross Discusses The Season Three Theme

o  Season 3: A Look Back

o  “Zhaan Forever” With Virginia Hey

o  “Farscape: The Story So Far”

  • Three “Inside Farscape” Featurettes

o  “Villains”

o  “Visual Effects”

o  “Save Farscape

  • Twelve “Listening In With Composer Guy Gross” Featurettes

o  “The Way We Weren’t”

o  “My Three Crichtons”

o  “The Locket”

o  “Die Me, Dichotomy”

o  “Eat Me”

o  “Revenging Angel”

o  “The Choice”

o  “Into The Lion’s Den, Part II: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”

o  “Crichton Kicks”

o  “John Quixote”

o  “Terra Firma”

o  “Bad Timing”

  • Deleted Scenes, Director’s Cut Scenes, And An Alternate Version Of The Season Two Premiere
  • Behind-The-Scenes Interviews With The Characters, Cast, And Creative Team Of Farscape

o  Jonathan Hardy

o  Lani John Topu

o  David Franklin

o  Claudia Black

o  Anthony Simcoe

o  Ben Browder

o  Wayne Pygram

o  Gigi Edgley

o  Rebecca Riggs

o  Paul Goddard

  • Video Profiles

o  Creator/Executive Producer Rockne O’Bannon

o  Executive Producer/Writer David Kemper

  • Season 2 Bloopers
  • Original TV Promos