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by Dianna Ranere

Review | Endless Space 2 Early Access Release

Endless Space 2 Early Access Release #Review #EndlessSpace2


Endless Space 2, currently an Early Access Release, is available on Steam and is a turn-based 4x strategy game covering space colonization in the Endless universe. If you don’t know what a 4x strategy game they are based on board games where the object of the games are to “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate” and this is done in painstaking detail in the Endless Universe.


As it is in an Early Access Release, there are parts of the game that are not currently available at this time. With Early Access games, features are constantly being added and the developers listen closely to the players for suggestions, bug reports and testing.  For example, there is only one option for difficulty, Advanced. This is for people who have played not only 4x games but Endless Space as well as it assumes you know what you are doing. I did not, so I was confused often. With that said I did enjoy my time playing as this is a very in depth game with a lot going on. Just about every aspect of your empire is controllable down to the smallest detail if that is how you like to play a strategy game.




Four of the eight races in the game are currently available and their backstories and lore are very detailed and well done. I spent a good bit of time deciding who to be before I even got into the game itself. As I said, the game only has one difficulty setting and it was not beginner so I was bit lost at times. That being said, the game looks and sounds great and, unlike so many other games that come out now, there are a lot more beneath the pretty exterior. This is a game with serious depth and attention to detail and it shows.



Endless Space 2 Early Access Features:

  • Asymmetric Factions: Discover the unique gameplay and storyline of each faction.
  • Check Your Surroundings: Every person reacts differently to their surroundings, your actions and game events — your population fuels your power, but they can be hard to control.
  • Amplified Reality: Scan the map to get more detailed information with a simple keyboard touch. Keep the game as simple as possible while still allowing more detailed information for those who want it.
  • Immersive Battles: Prepare your ships, organize your fleets, choose your strategies, and study the results in real time.
  • Rich, Endless Universe: Quests and events linked to population, heroes, exploration, thriving factions – Endless Space 2 has everything you need to create your own story!
  • Four Factions: Pick a race and build your colony from the first four factions available: SophonsVoydaniCravers, and Lumeris. A total of eight factions, including one that is entirely created by the community, is planned for the Gold release.
  • Two Victory Types: Play for 100 turns and either Score or be Eliminated. More victory types will be added later.
Early Access games are, honestly hit or miss, and that really depends on two things, the developers and the gamers. Amplitude Studios is dedicated to making Endless Space 2 the best Turn-Based 4x Strategy Game out and they aren’t kidding about that. While there are still parts of the game that are not polished or even available at this time,  you can help the devs make the best game possible.
And that’s exactly what we all want – great games like Endless Space 2.




Endless Space 2 is available now on Steam, for $37.49, a 25% discount off the $49.99 retail price for the Digital Deluxe Edition, and $29.99, a 25% discount off the $39.99 retail price for the Standard Edition.




FSM Media was provided with an Early Access preview code to facilitate this post.