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by Dianna Ranere

Emerging Author Spotlight: Dee Dee Dolphin by Monica Hidalgo


Over the next 24 hours, I will be posting about several emerging authors who are quickly rising up the book charts.  I am an avid book reader, so I am excited to learn about these authors and their books, and I hope you are too.
Dee Dee Dolphin by Monica Hidalgo
Dee Dee Dolphin
Hidalgo Publishing presents … Fun, Colorful & Sweet! Dee Dee Dolphin! Children are all born with hopes and dreams. They may not be fully aware of them, but they are there. DEE DEE DOLPHIN was written to speak to children. Through the art of storytelling a child can be told how special they are, that if they use and rely on their natural abilities, and a lot of hard work, they too, like Dee Dee, can have a dream, and be anything they want to be. This children’s story was written to inspire children to start on their own journey and hopefully to their surprise, long after they have read or heard this story read to them, Dee Dee and her friends will be there along the way to guide them in the right direction.


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You can find the talented Monica Hidalgo on Facebook, be sure to like her page to learn more about Dee Dee Dolphin and her upcoming work. 


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