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by Dianna Ranere

How Focusing on Craftsmanship Can Help Your Sense of Well-Being


A sense of well-being is an extremely crucial part of anyone’s life – and to that end, there’s a lot of interest these days in practices such as meditation, holistic diets of various types, and more; all designed to help us feel our best.

One area where your well-being could likely be improved, however, is with regards to emphasizing the value of craftsmanship in your own life, versus more “production-line-oriented” forms of consumerism.

So, whether you’re interested in inspecting the Easter collection of Amish baskets from a trusted retailer, or shopping around for a long-lasting oak chest of drawers, here are a few ways in which focusing on craftsmanship can help your sense of well-being.



By encouraging you to be more mindful about how you relate to your belongings



If the recent surge of interest in all things “minimalism” is any indicator, a lot of us find ourselves pretty frustrated by the relationship we have to our belongings. Specifically, it’s easy to end up accumulating stuff without really paying much attention to it, and finding ourselves in a cluttered environment as a result.

When, instead of making impulse purchases of the latest consumer goods, you focus specifically on getting items that have a story and a degree of craftsmanship behind them, you automatically move towards a more “mindful” relationship to your belongings.

The idea of craftsmanship is, largely, that each item is significant in and of itself and should be considered carefully – not just picked up on a whim and treated as disposable.

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By putting you more in touch with the human element of creativity

There’s something about creativity and that naturally tends to be uplifting; and when you focus on acquiring belongings that showcase a degree of the artist’s “personal touch,” you make it all the more likely that you will feel a greater sense of well-being, overall.

Much in the same way as having a painting in your home that you really appreciate can help you to feel a sense of connection with the “creative spark” of humanity as a whole, so, too, can having various artisanal and handcrafted home goods – be they ornamental or functional – boost your sense of appreciation for what’s around you, on an everyday basis.




By getting you to think about things in a more aesthetic and long-term sense


One of the great things about goods that feature an element of craftsmanship, is that they’re generally built to last. When combined with the fact that these kinds of goods typically represent a greater financial investment, the end effect is that they naturally move you to consider things in a longer-term and more aesthetically-focused sense.

A lot of people feel as though they are in fleeting and uncertain circumstances, these days, and that certainly doesn’t correlate with a heightened overall sense of well-being.

On the other hand, when you redirect your focus to consider things from a more enduring perspective, you’ll likely find that the overall emotional impact is quite positive.