Treat Your Pets with Companion Pet Products Only at Food Lion

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Food Lion for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was raised with lots of pets, from dogs to birds, to fish and hamsters and even to the secret cat my sister and I hid in the backyard, we always had pets. If we didn’t own them, then we were bringing lost and or injured pets home for my Mom to take care of. As I got older that love of animals carried through to my family life, I currently have 2 young dogs and 4 cats, our newest, a kitten that was abandoned in the alley.

So of course, with 6 animals comes lots of food, treats, and litter which can all add up, as you can imagine. Also, finding high-quality food and treats for all of them in one place can be a challenge and expensive depending on where you go.

I recently learned of a brand called Companion, they produce high-quality pet food, treats, and toys for dogs, cats, and even birds. Better yet, they can be found exclusively at my local grocery store, Food Lion. This is perfect, I love being able to shop for the ENTIRE family, pets included when I go to the grocery store, and now I can.

Since I hadn’t heard of Companion, I went to check them out to see how they stacked up to our regular brands. What did I find out? Well just looking at the products on the shelves and comparing prices, I could already tell that Companion definitely offers the best value across the board from food to toys. Most of the items were 2 to 3 dollars cheaper than our normal brands. That alone sold me on several items that break the bank.

I ended up grabbing a few items to test out on the fur babies, because you know as well as I do a good value means nothing if they won’t eat the food, right? I knew either way that I was going to be okay with purchasing these items, even if they didn’t care for them since Food Lion offer a double your money back guarantee.

I picked up a bag of dry cat food, a few cans of wet cat food, cat litter, and dog bone treats for the dogs since they go through a few boxes a week! I read all of the ingredients to make sure that the nutrition in the food items met with my previous brands, which they did. I was hard pressed to find any difference, except maybe the price.

As you can see, Radar and Zoey scarfed down the bones, and even begged for more!

The cats were a bit of a challenge, I have learned, at least with my bunch, if you put new dry food in the bowl directly they want nothing to do with it but if you lay the bag down and let them explore the contents then they are all over it. In my case, they loved the dry, and they are super picky about the brand they prefer. The wet food was a hit as well, Loki couldn’t even wait for it to go in the bowl and started eating straight from the can!

My last comparison is the litter. I will spare you the litter box photo, but take the word of a cat owner of four cats, the litter was fantastic! It really stood up to the clump test and the smell test. I hate nothing more than buying litter and it not controlling the smell of multiple cats but I wasn’t disappointed with Companion. It far exceeded my expectations and is just as good if not better than the national brands, but way more affordable. Learn more.

If you are a pet family like we are, then check out the Companion brand exclusive at your local Food Lion and grab a few items to try. I know you will be pleasantly surprised at the value and the quality of the products.

For More Information about Food Lion’s Private Brand labels click here.

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