Child of The 80’s

The 80’s have been continually smacking me in the face recently and I am not enjoying the ride.  It started with the death of Andrew Koenig “Boner” from Growing Pains; he was found dead in the woods as a result of his severe depression

Then last Sunday the Oscars held a tribute to John Hughes, the iconic film maker who peppered my teenage years with his brilliant films that not only captured the youth of the 80’s but defined a whole era. Seriously, his movies resonate with me to this day as a 39 year old woman. I never ever miss the chance to watch the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles. I definitely got misty eyed seeing most of the “Brat Pack” paying tribute.

Then today I woke up to the sad news that Corey Haim had passed away, presumably from his much publicized drug habit. Sad. I had such a crush on that man, or should I say, a crush on the boy that he once was, the movie star boy, the Lost Boy.

UPDATE: Although many presumed it was an overdose (myself included), it has been confirmed that no illegal drugs were in his system. I was surprised to see so many “ugly” blog postings about his death and some even saying he deserved it!!! No one deserves to die the way he did, his mother did not deserve to watch her child die in front of her (I watched as my Mother died, it is a pain that no one should ever have to go through) as it was reported. I was appalled by the heartless people who posted their thoughts, but alas, they are entitled to their opinions as heartless and callous as they may be.

I am a child of the 80’s and will always feel a bond with those who were a part of that time,  they will  hold a special place in my memories, always.