GIFT GUIDE FEATURE: Character Onesies for Adults from Kutame

This is a sponsored post on the behalf of Kutame. The writer was compensated with a gift card or product.


Kutame, an online gift shop inspired by Kawaii, Anime and Pop Culture reached out to us about featuring a couple of the character Kigurumi Onesies that they offer. What is Kigurumi you might ask? Kigurumi are officially licensed onesies from Sazac, a Japanese company. They were a hugely popular item in Japanese street style during the 90s and are still loved today.

Kutame offers many different onesies from characters to animals. Most are in adult sizes but there are some animal onesies for children. The site also offers many other items like Pusheen, gifts for the home, backpacks, blind boxes and so much more!


They sent me the following Character Onesies for Adults for the gift guide.

Toothless Kigurumi Onesie: The night fury is one of the rarest and most mysterious species around. Legend has it that this guy is actually the most gentle beast deep down. 

  • Toothless construction with SAZAC signature soft fleece.
  • Toothless hoodie with spiked ears.
  • Oversized wings to take flight at any time.
  • Black tail with prosthetic tailfin.

Available in Regular Size Only.

Purchase: $79.00 USD – Use coupon code MERRY30, for 30% off final purchase.



Stitch Kigurumi Onesie: Uh oh! Looks like Experiment 626 might be on the loose again! This Stitch Onesie Kigurumi is absolutely adorable, but don’t let that fool you! This is one mischievous and wacky dog. Perfect for lounging around all day with “Ohana” or getting into a little bit of trouble. 100% Polyester Fleece.

  • Stitch construction with detailed red lined hoodie.
  • SAZAC signature soft fleece.
  • Adorable Stitch ears and face.


Available in Regular Size Only.

Purchase: $79.00 USD – Use coupon code MERRY30, for 30% off final purchase.


Please head to Kutame and take a look at all of the unique items they have to offer, you just might find the perfect holiday gift!


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