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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review | Blade Butler – The Easier Way To Clean Your Ceiling Fans

I was sent the innovative Blade Butler, the easier and safer way to clean your ceiling fans.

The Blade Butler is designed to reach high and capture the dust that normally falls to the floor while cleaning a ceiling fan. It is 69″ in length, which is a great length to help you reach almost any fan even if you have lower ceilings as I do, Blade Butler will still help you clean them thoroughly.

It was super easy to get started with Blade Butler, all I had to do was attach the bag to the pole, pull down on the pole to open the microfiber sleeve, and simply guide it over the fan blade.

Once you have it on the blade, release it to close the bag on the blade and drag the bag off all the while catching all the dust and grime inside the bag. It’s that easy! The bag itself is 28″ in length and will accommodate most fan blades and is machine washable.

Each Blade Butler comes with 1 Blade Butler and 1 cleaning bag and retails for $69.95. Replacement bags are also available for purchase for $9.95.

I really love this product, it is easy to use and solves a problem that a lot of us have. Blade Butler would make a great gift!

About The Inventor of Blade Butler

Inventor Korri Wright is a busy mom of four who needed a better, faster way to clean her dirty ceiling fans. She and business partner Karen Spencer realized there was a substantial market for this idea and worked together to develop this efficient product that’s easy to use and eco-friendly.


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