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Review | Alice Through The Looking Glass

Alice Through The Looking Glass  - How To Host a Perfect Tea Party and #Review #DisneyAlice

Alice Through The Looking Glass on Digital HD, Blu-ray and Disney Movies Anywhere Release Date 2


I had the pleasure of attending the Alice Through The Looking Glass press event back in May of this year, so I was able to see the movie and interview some of the cast. But now tt’s time for all of us to return to Wonderland.


Now that you know you need to run out and pick up a copy, you can prepare to watch by creating your very own tea party. 

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Alice Through the Looking Glass Printable Activities #DisneyAliceDirector: James Bobin. Starring: Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter, Lindsay Duncan, Leo Bill, Matt Lucas, Alan Rickman, Rhys Ifans, Andrew Scott. PG. Running time: 113 mins
Alice Through the Looking Glass ison  Blu-ray, Digital HD, & Disney Movies Anywhere today. October 18.  Check out my Alice posts from the world premiere and the interviews. 

First let me start off saying that you do not need to have seen the previous film Alice In Wonderland to enjoy Alice Through The Looking Glass. This film stands on its own and delivers a fun and exciting adventure.

The movie starts with Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) on her father’s ship as the ship’s Captain. She is headstrong and doesn’t take nonsense from anyone (and as you will see, a very f\different Alice than in the first film). Pretty soon she is lead back to to the land of whimsy by no other than Alan Rickman who is the voice of Absalom, the caterpillar who is now a beautiful blue butterfly. I have to admit that upon hearing him speak I got chills.


Once back on Underland she meets some familiar faces like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, and the Dormouse. I loved seeing them all again, I love them all but especially the Cheshire cat and Dormouse, those two are my favorites. 

The premise of the movie is simple, the Hatter believes that his family, of whom he once told Alice, had died, are alive and well and asks Alice to help find them. She is told that she needs to talk with Time (Sacha Baron Cohen) to help her go back into time to find the Hatter’s family . The Hatter is much more in this film than in Wonderland, yes he is still Mad as in bonkers but he is also Mad as in angry.  In this film the he is much more emotionally charged, he evokes so much sympathy that you just want to reach into the screen and hug him, especially when they go back in time to when he was a little boy.

Alice Queens

The entire film revolves around family relationships, the Hatter and his family, Alice and the relationship she has with her mother, and we even get to see why the relationship between the White Queen and the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) is so strained. I enjoyed getting the backstories of the characters since it allows you to see another point of view.  Helena Bonham Carter was magnificent as the Red Queen just as she was in the first film, but this time, we see another side of her, and also the White Queen. We get an explanation as to why they are both the way they are today. I love that Disney is delving more into the Villains and exploring those pivotal moments that made them who they are.

Enter a new villain (kind of) Time played brilliantly by Sacha Baron Cohen who I feel was perfect for this role. He is Time, literally and he must deal with Alice and her want to go back into time to help the Hatter, which as you can imagine doesn’t go so well. As a new character, I loved him and I think he fits perfectly among the other kooky characters of Underland. There are some scary scenes that may be too much for little ones so I wouldn’t recommend it for children under 8.
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The over all theme of the movie is to appreciate time and family with one of my favorite quotes being “You can’t change the past but you can learn from it.” I really enjoyed the movie and even feel like it was better than the first BUT you can decide that when you see it today in theaters. Let me know what you think, leave me a comment after you see it.

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