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by Dianna Ranere

50 Uses for Huggies Wipes #tripleclean #sp

50 Uses for Huggies Wipes #tripleclean #sp



Did you know that Huggies Wipes can be used for many different things and not just for baby? There are a multitude of things that Huggies wipes can be used for. I asked around and compiled a list of 50 ways you can use wipes. My favorite use – as a makeup remover. Gets mascara and foundation off in a flash!

50 Uses for Huggies Wipes #tripleclean #sp


(Huggies wipes are not intended to be flushed)

  1. Diaper changes
  2. Baby Food/feeding Messes
  3. Wiping faces
  4. On a pets muddy paws
  5. Wiping up spills and food
  6. Use on hot days to freshen up
  7. Take off makeup
  8. Remove white deodorant stains on clothing
  9. Use to moisten an envelope flap, it works like a charm is you have a lot to seal
  10. Wipe down the toilet after near-misses 😉
  11. “Cleaning stamps after paper crafting” – Jana
  12. Use as regular tissue for your nose
  13. Use to wipe of spilled drink or food on clothing before the stain sets
  14. Wipe down your shoes, tennis or canvas, works great
  15. Wash toys: Actions figures, dolls, plastic toys etc.
  16. Best thing EVER for taking crayon and markers off of walls! – Erin B.
  17. Use to wipe off your purse bottom after sitting it down in public
  18. Use as napkin at a restaurant
  19. Cleaning off leather furniture
  20. If you have a Swiffer or dust mop, attach one to the bottom
  21. Wipe down chairs or booths before sitting
  22. “I use them to clean my camera”- Stefani
  23. Wipe down public tables
  24. Remove sticky spills from floors
  25. Remove scuff marks from floors
  26. Removes scuff marks from walls
  27. Quickly wipe down the bathroom sink
  28. Wipe down appliances (the outside)
  29. Clean the fridge, inside and out
  30. Quick windshield cleaner in case sap or a bird has blessed your car 😉
  31. I use one to open public bathroom door and toilet handles
  32. “Cleaning little hands after snacks on the go” – Jana
  33. Removing hair dye from your skin
  34. Use them to “dust” your plant leaves, real or fake
  35. Quick clean up around the house. – Sarah B.
  36. “I always take a pack when we go to the beach. They are great for cleaning hands and it also helps with cool down”. – Nickida
  37. “They remove tree sap from hands and clothes” – Tina 
  38. Use to clean Tablet/Touchscreen phone/PC monitors/screens
  39. Use to clean your computer keyboard
  40. Clean game controllers
  41. Clean in between Venetian blinds
  42. Clean wooden blinds
  43. Clean a dry erase board
  44. Clean a chalkboard
  45. Use when you go camping for a ton a different things
  46. Use to apply those temporary tattoos that kids like
  47. Wipe up paint spills and drips while painting
  48. To clean up after pet accidents
  49. Clean baseboards
  50. Wipe down the interior of your vehicle

Can you think of more ways to use them that isn’t listed? If so, feel free to add a comment below, I would love to hear how you use them.

You can purchase Huggies Wipes at Walmart where they offer so many types of wipes like Huggies One & Done, Huggies Natural Care, Huggies Simply Clean, and Huggies Clutch n Clean. Be sure to pick up a Huggies Designer Tub and Huggies Refills so you always have them on hand.

50 Uses for Huggies Wipes #tripleclean #sp 1

Be sure to check out the following videos about new and creative ways to use Huggies Wipes and purchase them from Walmart.com!

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