5 Top Gadgets from CES 2020

Living in the modern world has its ups and downs but one of the best parts of being alive in 2020 is surely the technology? New technology comes out constantly blowing our minds and altering the way we live.

CES is the world’s biggest tech show held in Las Vegas every year. The biggest tech companies including Samsung, Apple, Sony and LG all turn up to showcase their latest bit of tech that is set to change your life. 

Here are the top 5 gadgets that were presented at this year’s CES. 


  1. Suunto 7

Image from suunto.com


Best known for their sporty wristwatches, Suunto presented a new wearable tech watch this year that has some incredible features including the Wear OS by Google. 

You will never get lost again with this smartwatch from Suunto as they have included an outdoor map with a 50km radius to help you get around, you can even follow the map as you walk.  You can also control your music from the device and includes smart health functions that detect your heartbeat, perfect for avid hikers or outdoor sportspeople. 

Suunto is just one of many companies taking wearable tech to the next level this year.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

Image from samsung.com


Set to please millions of avid Samsung fans this year is the new Galaxy Chromebook. This will be the best Samsung machine to date offering owners unrivaled features and performance. Those who purchase the new Galaxy Chromebook, the 2-in-1 device, offers owners a superior laptop and tablet experience.

The Galaxy Chromebook has a 13.3 inch 4k AMOLED display. It’s powered the new 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor along with Intel® Wi-Fi 6. If you’re looking for the smartest and best-performing everyday laptop, the new Galaxy Chromebook is set to be the best choice this year. 


  1. LG Signature RX

Image from lg.com


Televisions have changed dramatically over the last 25 years and things are set to continue just like that with the new LG Signature RX. This TV is set to be the most advanced TV ever released from the best TV company on the planet. 

LG’s new Signature RX TV is rollable. Yes, you heard that correctly. This TV is so flexible it can actually be rolled out of the box like paper. Simply switch it off and it will roll away into a neat cylinder shape. Switchback on and it will roll back up and switch on its ultra-HD 4K picture using advanced AI processors.  

  1. Welt Smart Belt Pro

Image from weltcorp.com


Who knew that out of all the everyday items to be made into a smart piece of tech that a belt would be transformed? Well, it has and it is very smart indeed allowing you to monitor your weight, eating patterns, sitting time measurement, step count and more. 

This is probably the most interesting piece of tech that was presented at this year’s CES, hence why it took home the CES Award for Innovation. 


  1. Harmon Kardon Citation Oasis

Not the most user-friendly name but a great piece of tech nonetheless. Harmon Kardon is actually a subsidiary of Samsung which means they have a knack for great tech. The Citation Oasis is a smart speaker for your home much like Amazon’s Echo. It has a built-in wireless charging unit which is the first of it’s kind for this type of product. 

The Citation Oasis comes with an LED clock, onboard Google Assistant and will last for around 8 hours with each charge. Once you learn to install the Citation Oasis and all its features, it is quite possibly the smartest speaker on the planet.