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by Dianna Ranere

5 Steps To Manage Anxiety In A Natural Way

If you experience anxiety you’ll know what a difficult condition it can be. No one day is the same and it can creep up on you without warning. There are plenty of medication options for anxiety but many people prefer natural remedies. To start feeling brighter today, check out these five natural ways to manage anxiety.

1 . Try natural supplements

If you experience anxiety there are several herbal supplements that may be able to help you. Try valerian root, St John’s Wort, or passion flower. Scientific studies show that these herbs can reduce cortisol levels in our bodies, (this is the hormone responsible for feelings of stress). Valerian is particularly helpful for sleep, while St John’s Wort is a common natural aid for depression.

Another amazing supplement for anxiety is CBD oil, you can consume the oil as a supplement, or with a CBD vape. When you’re choosing a vape product you can find ccell cartridges, or the Blinc Group offers a specialist type of vape cartridge.

2. Write in a journal 

When you’re feeling anxious, writing in a journal is a great way to let go of negative feelings. You can use a journal to express yourself, problem solve, reflect, or unwind. Some people like to use positive affirmations, while others like to write down their worries. You can use a journal in whatever way feels right for you. 

If you need some help getting started, check out these journal prompts for anxiety. Remember, your journal is a place for you and you only take the chance to write down whatever you feel, without fear of judgment.

3. Meditation 

Meditation is a fantastic way to unwind, it can help you to feel calmer, and ease obsessive thoughts. Meditation can help you to focus on mindfulness, or to cleanse your mind. There are many ways to approach this practice and so many benefits. To help you on your journey you might like to try apps like Headspace or Meditopia.

4. Be good to your body

Anxiety is made worse by a poor diet and excessive caffeine or alcohol. To reduce your symptoms, be good to your body. Eat a rich well-balanced diet, and only consume a moderate amount of alcohol and caffeine. Ensure that you get lots of exercise to raise your endorphin levels and feel energized.

5. Get enough sleep 

A lack of sleep can worsen anxiety symptoms, to help yourself feel better, ensure that you get at least 8 hours a night. If you struggle to get to sleep try apps like Slumber or Calm. Some people also find that it helps to take a melatonin supplement before going to bed. Ensure that you have a comfortable mattress and use blackout blinds if you need them.

With a few simple adjustments, you’ll soon notice a difference in your anxiety symptoms. The key is to find the strategies that work for your body and mind. Using the right stress coping techniques is the key to improving your mental health.