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by Dianna Ranere

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Jacket Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Disclosure: I have received information and products to facilitate this review. No other form of financial compensation was given and the opinions stated are my own.


The Jacket Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by ALTEC Lansing, is a small and lightweight speaker that provides rich, high quality sound. It easily connects wirelessly to Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices, and also to tablets and laptops. If your device has a headphone jack, then you are good to go, The Jacket will connect you with your music.

The Jacket comes with every thing you need to get started:


1. IMW455 the Jacket Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
2. Extra Skin
3. AC Adapter
4. 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable
5. Owner’s Manual with Warranty Information

Getting connected is easy.

Press and hold the “POWER” button for two seconds to turn on the unit. The Bluetooth LED light will start
blinking slowly. Now you are ready to pair your device with your iMW455 speaker.

1. Go to the Bluetooth Manager of your Bluetooth device.
2. Search Bluetooth devices and select “iMW455” to start connecting.
3. Enter “0000” if your device asks for the PIN code.
4. Once paired, the unit will beep and the Blue LED light will turn on steadily.
5. Although the unit can only stream audio from one device at a time, it is capable of being paired with up to
eight devices. This means that you only have to enter the PIN code one time for each device.

The Jacket only weighs one pound, so you can take anywhere you want to. It also has 8 hours of battery time, so you won’t have to worry about recharging it while you are out, just enjoy the music. You will also be able to do what you normally do on your phone while using the device.

My husband and I took The Jacket outside while we were doing some yard work and was pleasantly surprised at the volume and clarity.  Also, the   high quality construction and industrial strength molded casing assures that even if it falls, the speaker is protected. They offer different colors so you can customize the look to your liking.



Valued at $199.99 and sold exclusively at Verizon Wireless Stores, pick up this great gift today!


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