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by Dianna Ranere

10 Things to do To Make Your Home Look Super Luxurious

The following is a sponsored guest post. 


For many of us, our home is what defines us. They can be a self-definition or a something that we take immense pride in as the owners of that wonderful place called home. We also go to the extent of looking at our home as a factor to distinguish ourselves from others. Keeping this prized possession prim and proper, we try to accessorize and dress it up with various items we love. We might have limited budgets or may not be able to afford those designer items. But we can definitely look at various other ways to make our home look super luxurious.

Here are ten things that you can do now in your own home to give it the luxe feel that you yearn for.

  1. Re-arrange and de-clutter the furniture

A minimalist approach does wonders here. Keep your furniture to the minimum and we mean the bare minimum. The sofa is sufficient. You don’t need additional chairs in the living room. For those guests who might come over, you can always make alternative arrangements for the time being. Maybe a patio or outdoor deck with all-weather chairs is where you might want to seat the guests anyway. If you have small cabinets and baskets in the room, they can be used to store the clutter of daily use items; thus giving the room a spacious look. Remember, less is more and a well-organized room has a distinctly luxurious feel to it.

  1. Have a separate study room or reading corner

Use the corners and nooks to install shelves and book counters. A reading corner in the room gives it a stately look. Dress up the wall lining it with a see-through bookshelf with a glass door and you have your own study room. Get a comfortable chair here and you can almost lose yourself in the books for hours in this special cozy yet luxurious corner of the room.

  1. Bring in the Greenery

The kitchen tops, even the refrigerator tops and other corners where there is a surface can be dressed up with artificial foliage. Even a wall can be converted into an artificial plant wall that brings a complete green décor into your room giving it a large and luxurious feel.

  1. Antiques make it look stately

Most are on the lookout for antiques and can wait for years to procure one. Displaying it in the living room on the wall or showcasing it in the corner, if it can rest on the floor – like a large vase or an iron, bronze or copper vessel are some great things to have in making the house appear luxurious and spacious too. Fake artificial jungle vines can make a wall look right out of a jungle and with the right accessories to top it, the ancient jungle temple look will give your room a different and luxurious look all together.

  1. The lighting

Lighting that is used in a room may look like a trivial matter but trust us on this, it is not. The lighting in a room can make it look far larger and spacious than it actually is. Having dimmers and various colors of lighting to suit the mood can up the luxury quotient to a high level. Dimmers for overhead lighting are a must and so are color changing LED lamps on a false ceiling complete and compliment the décor perfectly.

  1. Contrast painting

A room which has one wall in a dark hue makes it stand out among other walls. The furniture in this room should be light as the dark wall will not go well with heavy furniture in order to create a spacious interior look. The rest of the room should have a lighter paint to give it a larger look.

  1. Polish up the wooden panels

The wooden panels on the floor or the wall can look really luxurious and impressive. Look for ways in which you can even make any time of wood planks highly polished and shining enough. An artificial box hedge can also be fitted onto it for extra effect.

These last three tips are for the bedroom.

  1. Large Rug

It is a known fact, the larger the rug, the bigger the room looks. If you cannot get a single piece rug, tape more than two or three rugs at the back and make it big. Try a wall to wall plush carpet and match it with light colors of the wallpaper or the paint.

  1. Mirrors

Have two mirrors on the wall opposite each other, the combined infinity effect makes the room look more lavish, bigger, and larger than it actually is. Purchase mirrors with decorative borders or linings. Place some beautiful lampshades above it. Small things like these add up to make it look luxurious and rich. Put up artificial plants near the dressing tables to give it a spacious look.

  1. Finding things quickly

Often luxury is also associated with large open spaces and big rooms. However, it is also about having the right places for the right things in the house. Having to look for things of daily needs such as umbrellas and hats is not a good sign of a luxurious house. Make those wall hooks and umbrella stands and keep them in the right places.

The kitchen or the storeroom can also have a similar treatment. It does not have to look like a dump store. Beat and organized makes it the cleanest and prim storage place in the house. Not to forget, it is a time taking process and you have to be patient while you get each of the accessories and deck up the house to your taste. What also helps is the fact that it is doing wonders to add to the resale value of the house too. Next time you bring up the evaluator to check out your house, there will be a few added thousand which can help you offset the overall cost of doing these modifications to your home.