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by Dianna Ranere

TRANSFORMERS TV Launches on Pluto TV

Are you a fan of the Transformers? Then you are in luck because Pluto TV, the leading free streaming television service is bringing you TRANSFORMERS TV!


TRANSFORMERS TV is the first dedicated TRANSFORMERS streaming channel running 24/7 with continuous live programming on Pluto TV, with over 200 hours of content including fan favorites TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE CYBERVERSE ADVENTURES, TRANSFORMERS: PRIME and TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE.

“We could not be more excited to work with Pluto TV to bring this dedicated Transformers channel to life,” says eOne’s Jenny Whitlock, Senior Vice President, Global Brand Strategy & Management for Action Brands. “Transformers fans are some of the most dedicated out there, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to the Transformers universe with a wide assortment of always-on content.”

“We are so thrilled to bring this universe to our little planet, Pluto TV, and expand our Kids category to welcome the first dedicated Transformers channel for 24/7 streaming,” said Amy Kuessner, SVP of Content Strategy & Global Partnerships at Paramount Streaming. “Pluto TV is the home to so many iconic franchises and we know our viewers will be just as excited as we are to see Transformers added to our programming offering among other amazing and beloved franchises.”


Transformers TV allows fans to easily relive countless iconic moments from over three decades of storytelling that teaches us we all have the power to become something more than others expect and that inspires us to reveal the extraordinary in everything we do. In packaging together so many beloved series, Transformers TV also gives newcomers an accessible way to discover the captivating and storied legacy of TRANSFORMERS.

Tune in to Transformers TV here to watch for free, anytime you want – no registration or credit card required.

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