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by Dianna Ranere

Top Eight Games to Play With Your Dog

With lots of parks closed and walks restricted, it can be hard to know what to do with your four-legged friends. Check our top eight games you can play with your dog indoors or in your garden.

Play With Your Dog Image Credit: Josef Schiller

1. Fetch

A classic, but dogs can play Fetch for hours and not get bored. It gives them plenty of exercise, and you get to spend more time with them. It’s a win-win! If you’re stuck indoors, you can play a calmer version of Fetch and try to train your dog to retrieve things for you, even if it’s only their own toys.


2. Dog Olympics

If you have a very active dog who’s up for learning new things, why not set up some makeshift jumps? You can make your own agility course and have your dog run through it. It’s good exercise and great for mental stimulation. 

Play With Your Dog

3. Tug of War

You can grab a tug rope at any pet store and most grocery stores, and they tend to be very sturdy. Most dogs love a game of tug, and when they’re not playing tug with you, they can curl up in their bed and chew their new rope toy. Some even come with tennis balls attached, so if you have a ball-mad dog, this would be perfect. 


4. Tricks for Treats

There’s never a bad time to work on your pet’s training, so why not spend some extra time teaching them new commands? If you reward them with treats, they’ll catch on pretty fast. Just make sure to factor the treats into their diet correctly, so they’re not overfed.

Play With Your Dog

5. Hide and Seek

Some dogs will join in a game of hide and seek, especially in the garden. If you’re getting your children involved, make sure you set ground rules beforehand, and that everyone knows how to play with the dog safely.


6. Canine Teaching Assistant

You can recruit your dog as a canine teaching assistant if you’re teaching children at home. They can study the dog for Science, Art, History, or even Law. It’s an excellent opportunity to teach kids responsible pet care. There are a lot of laws around owning a dog, such as dog bite laws, noise control, and fouling. There are law companies that specialize in dog-related laws, such as Jonathan Rosenfeld, who specializes in dog bite accidents

7. Search and Rescue

Does your dog have a favorite toy or treat? Shut the dog out of the room while you hide it, and when you let them back in, you can time how long it takes them to find it. 


8. Long Lead Training

If you’ve got extra time on your hands, do some longline training. This improves your dog’s behavior, especially their recall. You can get a longline or houseline from any pet store, and you can work with it in the garden if your local park is closed.


With eight great games to choose from, you and your dog will be having tons of fun in no time.